6 Emmerdale spoilers for next week: Malone makes a bold move, plus Andrea makes a discovery

And concern grows for Paddy

emmerdale cain will malone

Dodgy Malone has been winding Cain up for the past couple of weeks, and it seems there’s no let-up between the pair.


Elsewhere in Emmerdale, Belle and Jamie have been forming a sweet, but dangerous, relationship. When Andrea finds out, what will she do?

Here’s all the juicy spoilers from the Dales between Monday 27th April and Friday 1st May.

Malone sets a trap

emmerdale cain will malone

The rivalry between Detective Inspector Malone and Cain has been hostile for some time now and this week, Malone makes a move that could see Cain, and Billy, facing serious trouble. Malone gets Will to do another job but it’s one that is for him alone- something that gives him cause for concern. When he arrives at the site, he is stunned to see the size of the drug shipment he is being asked to ferry. Worse still, he realises that Cain and Billy have been set up as decoys. Can he warn them in time, or will Malone get his victory?

Andrea learns the truth

emmerdale andrea

Jamie and Belle find their secret affair exposed this week, not that either of them know it yet. After babysitting Millie at Andrea’s request, Belle is hit by pangs of guilt and begins to beg Jamie to give his marriage another try – something that Andrea thinks he is already doing in fear of losing Millie. But when the pair meet up and end up declaring their love for each other, they have no idea that Andrea is out of sight, overhearing everything. As she begins to plot her revenge, will Millie end up being a pawn in a bitter divorce? And how long will she keep the secret from Jamie that she knows all about his affair?

Dawn gets a shock

emmerdale dawn

Dawn is in for a nasty surprise this week when the secret about Lucas and the gun comes to light. The drama starts when the foster parents turn up and Will is accused of acting in a threatening manner to them. Harriet does all she can to try and calm the situation down, but Billy ends up making things worse when he lets slip about the gun. Dawn is stunned by the revelation and makes it clear how angry she is with both Will and Harriet. Will does attempt to try and make amends, but it’s going to take some work and given that things with Malone are about to get more complicated, that might not be easy.

Paddy’s problems continue

emmerdale paddy

Poor Paddy has been suffering from anxiety for some time now as he continues to punish himself for having social services called to check on Eve due to an error on his part. From panicking over the smallest of things to behaving erratically, Chas has noticed that he isn’t himself, but hasn’t realised how bad things have actually become. Some people do this week as Bear, Aaron and Eric take note of how badly he seems to be dealing with things. The three of them decide they need to make Chas aware of just how bad things are and when she finds out, she is devastated.

Elsewhere on Emmerdale

emmerdale charity dingle Vanessa woodield
  • Vanessa makes a move that upsets Charity.
  • Liam doesn’t feel like a reunion is on the cards for he and Leanna.

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