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5 Emmerdale spoilers for next week: Charity betrays Vanessa, plus Cain is out of his depth

And has Arthur put Archie in peril again?

Published: Saturday, 7th March 2020 at 9:30 am

Shady police officer Malone will be making his presence felt on Emmerdale next week (9 to 13 March 2020) when animosity builds between him and Cain. Elsewhere Jai gets shock news, while news of Vanessa’s cancer diagnosis reaches Tracy. All these spoilers and more below...


Will and Cain v Malone

Has Emmerdale finally found a way to turn world-weary Will (Dean Andrews) into an interesting character? I’m reserving judgement for the moment, but his encounters with dodgy copper Malone (Mark Womack) do at least have some bite to them. Their latest meet-up has left Will with spiralling levels of stress, hence him opening up to Cain about the pressure he’s currently under. But Cain is set to underestimate Will’s enemy in the days ahead. After Cain meets Malone in a layby, he soon realises he’s made an error of judgement when he gets back to find the garage has been trashed and Moira’s bull has been murdered…


Has Arthur hurt Archie again?


OK, so We Need to Talk about Arthur. And yes, the allusion to Lionel Shriver is deliberate because the soap is once again putting the youngster’s bullying of little Archie in the spotlight. A seemingly repentant Arthur may have confessed all to mum Laurel about his horrible actions, but on Thursday, Archie ends up trapped underneath a toppled cabinet. Is Laurel right to worry that her son is up to his old tricks? Despite Arthur assuring Laurel and Jai that he had nothing to do with it, Archie is quick to blame him. Expect Jai to be left floored when Laurel finally reveals to Jai about Arthur’s bruising encounters with his son.

Charity tells Tracy about Vanessa’s cancer


Tracy looks set to throw a surprise party for Vanessa, oblivious to the fact that she’s in pain. When Charity walks in on the ‘celebrations’, she drags Tracy outside and stuns her with the news that Vanessa has got cancer. But efforts to get the partygoers come too late as a cry of ‘surprise’ can be heard from inside. Later on, Vanessa starts to crumble when she discovers that Charity has blabbed about her diagnosis. But when Vanessa then decides to open up to her sister, Charity is left feeling side-lined and ends up venting her anger at Tracy. Is Vanessa able to go from patient to peacemaker to ease tensions?

In other news…


Luke asks Victoria to give their relationship another shot, while Dan and Mandy agree to go on a date together. Cathy and Heath’s vegan cake and cookies are a success in the café – but when Dan has an allergic reaction, Brenda is soon getting the blame.

Plus Andrea belatedly realises that she may have to play dirty if Kim is going to reveal the truth.


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