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Emmerdale confirms DI Malone's real identity - and it's very bad news for Cain

Quick, someone call the Line of Duty team!

Emmerdale DI Malone
Published: Thursday, 5th March 2020 at 8:30 pm

In true Line of Duty style, Emmerdale revealed their newest team member, DI Malone (Mark Womack), to be a complete and utter toe-rag.


He's certainly not a straight-forward police man as Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) knows all too well.

It all started in the aftermath of the Rustlers at Butler's Farm, which saw Nate Robinson non-fatally shot.

The handgun that behind the attack was not only unmarked, but it has a very dodgy history behind it.

DI Malone was drafted in with his team to search Emmerdale for the weapon, but to no avail.

Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) made well sure it had been cleared, after storing it in a car on its way to be crushed.

Malone asserted his power to Cain, letting him know he is ready to tear him down if he needs to to find the guilty party.

But cool-as-a-cucumber Cain didn't waiver and he seems to be in the clear - at least for the moment.

Malone headed straight round to see Will who was absolutely horrified to see him.

When Dawn and the copper she was with went upstairs, Malone dropped the bombshell - it's was his gun.

What's more, Malone alluded to a criminal past with Will, who seems to have been doing work for him for a while.

Completely furious his gun has gone, Malone insisted there were consequences for Will if he refused to help him.

Holding up Lucas's toy dinosaur, the dodgy cop warned his nemesis he would make him pay if he was unruly.

Can Will save his family and his new life from Malone's torment?


And don't expect this to be the last Cain has seen of the investigator, who has already rubbed him up the wrong way...

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