Emmerdale spoilers: Donna Windsor kisses Ross Barton – first look pictures

The pair get passionate following an audacious robbery attempt

Ross Barton (Michael Parr) and Donna Windsor (Verity Rushworth) are to team up for a dodgy deal in the coming weeks, but business soon turns to passion.


In scenes to be shown on Wednesday 28 May, Donna will get a tip-off about a well-known criminal, Gary North, and hatches a plan to burgle him before the police have time to raid his house.

After embroiling Ross in her scheme, the prepare out their robbery outside North’s house. But Ross has a change of heart and refuses to go in, convinced that Donna is setting him up. A panicked Donna breaks in herself and finds the stash, but she and Ross are forced to make a run for it when they see the house owner approaching.

In a bid to cover their tracks, Donna kisses Ross. And after pulling off the perfect robbery, the pair revel in their success and find themselves kissing again – but this time for real…