Emmerdale reveals Rhona’s fate after horrific tractor accident

Did she survive being impaled by her hungover boyfriend?


Emmerdale‘s Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) has survived a horrifying accident which left her impaled and knocked unconscious when hungover boyfriend Pete Barton (Anthony Quinlan) crashed a tractor into her – but there are life-changing consequences for the traumatised vet…


Thursday 21 February’s action-packed double episode focused on Rhona’s fight for life, having been called to Butler’s farm to tend to some livestock only for a tractor to come hurtling through the barn throwing hay bails at her and spearing her with the fork.

Distraught Pete and cousin Matty Barton found her and she was rushed to hospital. After an agonising wait, and Pete flipping out at Matty for not passing on Cain Dingle’s message the brakes on the farm vehicle were faulty and it was not for use, surgeons confirmed Rhona would pull through.

However, as Pete went to his loved one’s bedside and apologised for causing the crash, the extent of the vet’s injuries came to light as the doctor explained surgery on her internal organs showed up fibroids (benign growths) on her womb which need to be removed – and the only way may be a complete hysterctomy…


Will Rhona blame Pete for not being able to have any more kids?

Stunned Rhona digested the news realising it means she would not be able to have any more children, and Pete, already wracked with guilt at almost killing his lover, realised the impact of his actions were more far-reaching than he realised.

Despite Rhona’s instant forgiveness to her fella and insistence it was an accident, will this latest diagnosis change the vet’s attitude towards him and make her resentful he’s robbed her of the chance of having kids with him – or anyone else? Or might Rhona decide not to have the surgery to remove the womb, potentially putting her at risk from the fibroids?


“Pete will try to pass the blame on to Cain and Matty but knows he shouldn’t have been driving and was possibly still over the limit from his hangover, plus he was using his phone,” says Quinlan, teasing how his alter ego will cope in the aftermath of the incident, which could also see him in trouble with the police for intoxication while operating dangerous machinery…

“There are going to be consequences and Pete will be beating himself up, there will be a huge pang of guilt. How he’ll deal with what’s happened to Rhona, we’ll just have to wait and see.” Can Rhona and Pete’s relationship survive after this bombshell?


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