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Emmerdale villain Pierce to kill Vanessa's son Johnny?

Distressing scenes as the murderer made a chilling threat to his hostage

emmerdale vanessa woodfield
Published: Friday, 14th February 2020 at 7:25 pm

Emmerdale villain Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather) made a chilling threat to Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) as her hostage ordeal continued, leaving the vet terrified her captor will harm young son Johnny as both remain trapped by the crazed killer.


'Ness and her boy are being held prisoner by Pierce, who barricaded them in empty Emmerdale residence Mulberry Cottage when they spotted him in the village yesterday after weeks of skulking around following his murder of Graham Foster.

Admitting his twisted plan to reunite with ex-wife Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry), evil rapist Pierce also owned up to bumping off Graham, leaving Vanessa fearing for her and Johnny's lives.

In Friday 14th February's episode, Pierce reported back to Vanessa he'd overheard her fiancée Charity Dingle in the village saying she assumed her other half was so affronted by their fallout she'd gone to Paris on what should've been their honeymoon, meaning nobody will think her disappearance is suspicious.

emmerdale pierce harris vanessa woodfield

Making a brave, but ultimately foolish, escape attempt, Vanessa engaged in a violent physical fight with the homicidal Harris, who overpowered her and she was soon bound and gagged again in the kitchen. The disturbing denouement saw Pierce chastise Ms Woodfield for defying him and threaten a horrific punishment, then sneak upstairs to where Johnny is locked in.

Overhearing on the baby monitor creepy Pierce calmly greet Johnny then turn the monitor off, Vanessa screamed - is her son dead?

Thankfully not, as can assure fans that Pierce switches the monitor back on during Monday 17th February's episode and Vanessa is relieved to hear her son's voice. However, he still refuses to let her see him as a way of calling the shots with his captive and ensuring she doesn't step out of line…

emmerdale pierce harris

By the end of next week, Vanessa worries she could become Pierce's next victim once he has no more use for her - especially now she knows he killed Graham, not Marlon Dingle who is currently behind bars thanks to the real culprit framing him.

There's the distinct feeling this hostage drama is just the tip of the ice berg and Pierce will be wreaking more havoc during his short return stint to the soap: "A lot of people should be watching their backs," Wrather told at last month's National Television Awards. "Pierce feels like a victim of circumstance, he’s got something to prove. People are in danger…"


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