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Why isn't Emmerdale on tonight? When is it next on TV?

Who fancies an Emmerdale binge watch?

Published: Tuesday, 15th June 2021 at 5:51 pm

Your regular visits to Emmerdale are no more - well for the next few weeks at least - as the ITV soap is making some changes as the TV schedules have become dominated by the football for Euro 2020.


While in the past viewers have been frustrated at not being able to watch their favourite soaps at their regular times while sporting events are on, ITV have decided to try a different tactic this time with the whole weeks worth of episodes being added to the ITV Hub at the start of the week which began this week!

But if for some reason you do not have access to the ITV Hub and you want to watch them the traditional way on ITV, you still can - just not when you normally would.

When is Emmerdale on next week?

emmerdale kim lunch

Emmerdale's regular schedule is off the table for a few weeks and while we wait to learn when the show will air for the whole four weeks, we do know when you can catch it on ITV next week.

We get four ITV1 visits to the Dales this week, with each episode running for 30 minutes. We do get two on one night with a half-hour break in between, though.

  • Tuesday 29th June at 7pm (double episode)
  • Wednesday, 30th June at 7:00pm (30 mins)
  • Thursday, 1st July at 7:00pm (30 mins)
  • Thursday, 1st July at 8:00pm (30 mins)

As for next week, here is when the soap is currently set to air.

  • Monday, 5th July at 7pm (30 mins)
  • Thursday, 8th July at 7pm (30 mins)
  • Thursday, 8th July at 8pm (30 mins)
  • Friday 9th July at 7pm (30 mins)

After that, it should all be back to normal again!

Is Emmerdale moving to streaming permanently?

ITV has not indicated that there are any thoughts about making this move a full-time thing and we don't expect them to announce anything any time soon. That being said, if the change attracts more viewers then it will almost certainly be something that they may consider - we'll just have to see how many people watch on streaming!


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