Emmerdale confirms shock killing as DI Malone leaves Cain terrified

The corrupt cop makes his murderous move

emmerdale malone

New baddie in town DI Malone (Mark Womack) made his presence felt in Emmerdale by carrying out a brutal murder to send a message to Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), leaving the mechanic in no doubt as to what the corrupt police officer is capable of.


Cain has been reluctantly drawn into reformed crime boss Will Taylor’s dealings with the dodgy detective. In an attempt to help his worried colleague extricate himself from the crooked cop’s grip, Mr Dingle had a quiet word with the sinister scouser on Wednesday 11th March to warn him off.

Back in the village Cain was alarmed to find his garage trashed and worse was to come when he received an urgent message from ex-wife Moira Dingle to come to Butler’s – the shaken farmer revealed a prize bull had been killed and the police had been called to investigate. Guess who was the officer on the scene?

Chilled to see two-faced Malone calmly playing the concerned copper, Cain had his game face on as the DI questioned him and Moira if they knew anyone with a grudge against them who may have motive to deliberately slay their livestock.

As upset Moira went to move the carcass, Cain was left alone with Malone who reiterated his inquiry about whether someone was out to get him, but it was an admission he was behind the bull’s bumping off and a thinly-veiled warning he was not a man to be crossed. It was even menacingly hinted Cain’s kids could be in danger if he continued to antagonise him…

emmerdale malone cain billy

Next week, Malone ropes Billy Fletcher into doing a shady job with Cain and Will, but Cain remains determined to come out on top and stages a risky plan to outsmart his new nemesis.

Ordered by Malone to get rid of a car, Cain plots to turn the tables – but when he finds blood stains on the vehicle has he bitten off more than he can chew? Malone is clearly not an animal lover, and we suspect he wouldn’t think twice about subjecting people to the same fate as Moira’s poor old bull…


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