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Emmerdale: Lisa and Zak back together for good? "It's what the audience would like," says Jane Cox

Next week's drama sees the pair getting close again - and it's all down to some escaped pigs

Published: Tuesday, 7th March 2017 at 3:25 pm

Zak and Lisa's relationship problems could be solved in next week's Emmerdale - thanks to some runaway pigs!


In recent weeks, Lisa has been plagued with doubts about Zak, worrying that he's not to be trusted in the light of his treatment of Joanie.

Scenes to be shown on Wednesday will see Lisa deliver a blow when she tells him that things aren't working out between them and she has no idea how to fix it.

"Lisa feels that the whole thing was Joanie was a terrible mess and she now doesn't quite trust Zak," says Jane Cox. "In the end, she felt sorry for Joanie because Zak messed her around so much. To have put that woman through all those things has left Lisa feeling confused."


In an effort to impress Lisa, Zak decides to take her out for a romantic dinner at the Woolpack. Lisa is unsure, but Belle convinces her to give her dad another chance.

However, Lisa isn't impressed by the pub meal - especially when she finds out that Faith is now ensconced behind the bar: "Yes, Zak has this bright idea of taking Lisa for dinner. But she isn't that into it and it doesn't go terribly well at all. Lisa isn't very happy that Faith is there - she's very flirty, a bit of a maneater and the complete opposite of Lisa, really."


After the disastrous evening at the pub, Zak and Lisa will be seen heading home, only to find that a drove of their pigs have escaped. Cue the Dingles chasing around in their finery in order to round them up!

As unlikely as this sounds, this spot of pig chasing turns out to be the catalyst for what could be a proper Zak and Lisa reunion. Adds Cox: "They end up having fun and throwing a bit of pig muck at each other. It's a good old laugh that gets them on the same page.

"By the end of the scene, they've perked up an awful lot. Viewers should definitely watch this space. I'd certainly like them to get back together. And it's what the audience would like too."

But while the outlook may be looking rosy for Zak and Lisa, it was - unfortunately - rather more chilly when it came to filming the key pig-related scenes:

"The idea of filming the pig scenes was marvellous, but in reality it was about minus nine. It was freezing," laughs Cox. "At one point, my jaw was so frozen that I could hardly speak. Luckily, our wonderful costume team kept rushing out with extra coats and hot water bottles. But once filming stopped, I didn't actually thaw out for a couple of hours!"

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