Village newcomer Kit (Thoren Ferguson) juggled the affections of Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) and Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) in tonight's Emmerdale (9th August) – with both women blissfully unaware that they were dating the same man!


When Gabby joined the world of internet dating, she connected with a man called Chris, and after a warning about safety, her step-mum Laurel was pleased for her as she waved Gabby off ahead of her date. But as viewers saw Gabby meet up with the man, it was revealed that he was actually Laurel's new beau Kit – Marlon Dingle's (Mark Charnock) physiotherapist.

As Emmerdale returned, Laurel dropped by Home Farm to find Gabby in her dressing gown. Once she realised that Gabby's new man had stayed the night, Laurel teased her, playfully suggesting that she could introduce herself there and then. Gabby squirmed with embarrassment and Laurel laughed as she was ushered away.

Kit emerged from upstairs, and Gabby's flustered state turned to lust as she took in the man before her. Leading him back upstairs, it was clear she was well and truly smitten.

Laurel and Kit in Emmerdale
Laurel and Kit had already been seeing each other. ITV

But later, without a hint of a conscience, Kit paid Laurel a visit as she was hanging up the washing. Revealing he had a day off, he said he wanted to spend time with her – and Laurel invited him to stay for lunch and more.

Meanwhile, Gabby's mum Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) dropped off baby grandson Thomas and dug for gossip over Gabby's date. She then encouraged Gabby to contact 'Chris', although Gabby was reluctant to appear too keen. Bernice insisted that she should make sure this man knew she was still interested, so Gabby fired off a text.

At Laurel's, Kit waited until she was inside the house before checking his messages. Seeing Gabby's query that they should meet again, he instantly typed back, saying he'd love to see her. Later at the shop, Laurel was happily buying beer for Kit, with no idea that he was shamelessly juggling both her and her own step-daughter!

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Is Kit aware of this family link? Either way, he's not the kind of man either woman will want to be with when they find out the truth! How long will it be until they make this crucial discovery?

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