Emmerdale introduces Jamie Tate’s secret family

Kim Tate will NOT like being a granny…


Emmerdale‘s Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) may have established himself as being nowhere near as nefarious as his manipulative mother, village vixen Kim Tate (Claire King), but it turns out the vet has been hiding something pretty big about his past – namely a secret wife and child who turn up unannounced on Monday 3rd June!


There was no love lost when Kim’s long-lost son came back into her life, having been banished to boarding school while she was banged up and subsequently distancing himself from his parent after becoming disillusioned with her bad girl, backstabbing ways.

An uneasy truce of sorts now exists between them as Jamie has agreed to move in with his ma, but Kim is stunned when she finds out she has a daughter-in-law, Andrea (Anna Nightingale), and granddaughter, Millie (Willow Bell), she knew nothing about – and their first meeting sets the spiky tone for their fractious relationship.

What happens when Kim Tate first meets Andrea Tate?

“Kim is riding on a country road,” reveals Lincoln, “and Andrea doesn’t see her when she comes looking for Jamie, who has been dodging her phone calls since he started his new job. Kim’s horse bolts and ends up with a bit of a scratch, as does Andrea’s car!”


The women get off on the wrong foot and Jamie arrives on the scene to awkwardly introduce them to each other properly and explain the family link. Kim is offended Jamie kept his wife and child under wraps, while Andrea can’t believe her husband has reconnected with his mean mother, having heard nothing but bad things about her, and fumes she’s sunk her claws into the vulnerable vet and lured him back to Home Farm.

“Never did Andrea imagine Jamie would go back there,” continues Lincoln. “But there is a lot going on with Jamie wanting to return to the village and get to know his mum again – despite what she’s done in the past.”

As if Kim needed another enemy, the stage is set for a rivalry to win Jamie’s loyalty between the bitchy blonde and her haughty daughter-in-law, with neither giving an inch as a new branch of the Tate dynasty gets their feet under the table with Andrea considering a permanent move to Home Farm…


“Andrea is not as manipulative as Kim, but she is bossy and there is a definite feistiness,” smiles Lincoln. “Both Andrea and Kim feel they are trying to protect Jamie and do what they think is best, and he is caught in the middle.

“Andrea is annoyed Kim has weaved her way back into Jamie’s life. His wife is less innocent than he is, Jamie sees the good in people but Andrea is harder. She won’t take any nonsense from Kim – who, by the way, hates being called grandma!”


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