Emmerdale star Rosie Bentham says her alter ego Gabby Thomas has "selfish" reasons for wanting to keep Jamie Tate's (Alexander Lincoln) fake death twist a secret.


Last month, Gabby discovered through Jamie's young daughter Millie (Willow Bell) that the father of her baby son Thomas has been alive and well all this time.

Speaking to RadioTimes.com and other press about Emmerdale's huge upcoming 'flashforward week', Bentham was asked why her character has chosen not to tell Jamie's mum, Kim Tate (Claire King), who currently still thinks her son is dead after a car accident last year.

“Well, I think Gabby’s been really selfish with this, because she knows that Kim is…we all know Kim is a very, very powerful woman and when she wants something she's going to get it," she explains.

Rosie Bentham as Gabby Thomas in Emmerdale
Rosie Bentham as Gabby Thomas in Emmerdale (ITV) ITV

Expanding further on Gabby's fears, the actress adds: "And if [Kim] wants to find out where Jamie is, where he’s been, and she wants him back at Home Farm and whatever she decides.

"Kim is so impulsive, so for all Gabby knows she could bring Jamie back, and Jamie can work his little magic and worm his way back in and take Gabby's place and take custody of Thomas; and that leaves Gabby right back at rock bottom again."

She continued: "And obviously Gabby's dragged Dawn into this mess and kind of taken Dawn all round the houses to search for Jamie and when Dawn's gone like ‘oh great okay so let's tell Kim,’ Gabby's gone ‘hold on, no, no, we can't do that!’ because of Gabby's own personal reasons and her own safety. To be honest, she's just really, really worried about how Kim’s going to react and what Kim can do with her powers.”Bentham also muses over the fact that Gabby may regret keeping the ruthless Kim in the dark.

"So I think telling Kim…I think, yes okay it might be a mistake, in the long run, not telling Kim because I think Gabby is going to regret it because she'll have a lot of explaining to do if it does come out that Gabby's known all this time."

Viewers can find out whether Jamie has returned, and what's next for Gabby, during next week's dramatic Emmerdale episodes.

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