Emmerdale’s Charity and Vanessa get another setback in Johnny’s adoption

Charity is on the warpath!

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It took them a while, but Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) and Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) have finally got on the same page when it comes to what happens to Johnny in the event of Vanessa’s death as she battles her illness. But there’s about to be an obstacle in the way.


After Charity hesitated when Vanessa discussed her being Johnny’s guardian, Vanessa asked someone else and Charity was hurt by what she considered to be a betrayal. This eventually led to a full-blown row between the two that culminated in them finally having a proper conversation about it.

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The reunion was a positive one as scenes this week show Vanessa asking Charity to adopt Johnny, something she is delighted to agree to do. It doesn’t take long for a snag to appear when it becomes clear that Johnny’s father, Kirin Kotecha, will need to grant permission for the adoption to go ahead.

Charity wastes no time in storming into the HOP office and demanding that she be given the current whereabouts of Kirin. Priya Kotecha (Fiona Wade) insists that she has no idea where he is and Charity is furious that the adoption plans could already be scuppered.

With no idea where to even start looking for Kirin, Charity is left with the knowledge that the thing she desperately wanted may be slipping out of reach. Will she and Vanessa find a way to move forward with the adoption process?

Emmerdale production stopped in March due to COVID-19 and ITV are currently only showing two episodes per week in an attempt to keep the show on the screen for longer. It is as yet unclear how many episodes are ready to air, but filming will need to resume very shortly to keep Emmerdale a part of the schedule without any breaks.


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