Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) and Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) have been at odds since the cancer-battling mum refused to give her fiancée custody of son Johnny if she doesn't make it through chemotherapy, but just as the popular Emmerdale couple start to work through their differences Vanessa's health takes a turn for the worst.

Fans saw signs of a thaw on Friday 8th May as Vanessa invited Charity to a meeting to discuss best mate Rhona Goskirk being named as young Johnny's legal guardian in Ms Woodfield's will, and for a change there were no raised voices.

The brave vet was alarmed at Charity's hesitation when asked a few weeks back if she would take responsibility for her partner's son if the worst happened. It was merely a misunderstanding as Charity was overwhelmed at being confronted with the reality of the couples' difficult situation, but 'Ness was not impressed and it's caused tension ever since.

Next week the atmosphere starts off strained as Vanity row after Rhona brings over paperwork for the guardianship. Thankfully, they calm down and talk it out - it looks as if they've finally made a breakthrough and the relationship is back on track.

emmerdale Vanessa charity rhona

Returning from the hospital, Charity is beaming as she reveals she has a big announcement to make following a heart-to-heart with her girlfriend. Emmerdale are staying tight-lipped as to what the development is, but it sounds like good news for a change.

However, Vanessa suddenly starts to feel sick and has to run upstairs, leaving Charity shaken. Is the chemotherapy for bowel cancer taking its toll? Could the soap be paving the way for a tragic exit for V as we know pregnant Hardwick will be going on maternity leave later this year?

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