Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) is fuming with fiancée Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) following an emotional row between the Emmerdale couple over what will happen to V's son Johnny if she doesn't make it through her bowel cancer battle.


On Friday 24th April the brave vet told Charity she'd drawn up a will and asked her look after her four-year-old boy if the worst case scenario occurs and she doesn't survive her illness, for which she is currently having chemotherapy.

To Ms Woodfield's horror, shocked Charity hesitated before answering leaving Vanessa shaken she would even need to consider the question, and Hardwick admits this will be a hard thing to come back from…

"For Vanessa to bring up the subject of what happens if she dies is a big deal," says the actress, speaking exclusively to "In a way it could be seen as admitting that she isn't going to make it by asking this of Charity.

"Vanesa expected her to respond with: 'Why are you even asking me, it goes without saying!' But there is that moment of hesitation instead - it's a massive slap in the face for Vanessa, and made her go off on one!"

Remorseful Charity insisted she was confronted by the uncomfortable nature of the discussion, and even airing the possibility Vanessa could die, but as far as her other half is concerned the damage is done.

emmerdale charity dingle Vanessa woodfield

"They need to speak about this properly without raised voices," she continues. "Why did Charity hesitate? Does she not regard Johnny as hers, and if not, why not? It's not just Vanessa she is in a relationship with it's her son as well, they come as a package.

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"There is a lot to unpack about whether Charity is hiding how she really feels, and if she's not bothered about Johnny and doesn't consider him outside of her being with Vanessa. Along with everything else Vanessa is going through, they have a lot to discuss."

Next week, Charity is stung when her girlfriend asks pal Rhona Goskirk to be Johnny's legal guardian instead, further straining things between them.

Vanity have been challenged like never before following Vanessa's diagnosis, and have spent most of the week at odds. Hardwick is certain the couple are solid, but it's clear the pressure is taking its toll.

"Vanessa is petrified of dying but trying not to show it. She spoke to a solicitor about making a will on her own as she's always been very independent. What happens to Johnny is hugely important, her and Charity aren't yet married.

"It's not just her to think about, Vanessa is more terrified for her little son than for herself."


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