Emmerdale's Charity Dingle may be about to find out Mackenzie Boyd's betrayal after receiving a mysterious phone call.


Soap viewers know that Mack (Lawrence Robb) is hiding a big secret from his fiancée Charity (Emma Atkins). Ahead of their big day, she may just be about to discover her husband-to-be is the father of Chloe Harris's (Jessie Elland) baby.

In upcoming scenes, Charity gets a phone call that leaves her extremely upset. She has a gut reaction, giving fans a glimpse of her usual hot-headed behaviour.

"There's a phone call out of the blue and the audience at this point don't know who it's from but what she hears shocks her and sends her flying off the handle," Atkins told RadioTimes.com and other press.

"She's quite volatile in her reaction and quite reckless in the next thing that she does."

Emma Atkins as Charity and Jeff Hordley as Cain in Caleb's car in a scene of Emmerdale.
Will Caleb realise Charity and Cain "borrowed" his car? ITV

Tapping into her teenage rebellious self, an "emotionally vulnerable" Charity grabs a bottle of vodka and involves her cousin and partner in crime Cain (Jeff Hordley) in some mischief.

After noticing that Cain's long-lost half-brother Caleb (Will Ash) has dropped the keys to his car, Charity doesn't think twice: she picks them up and invites Cain along for a ride.

Reluctant to follow her, he declines and tries to get out of the car but it's too late as Charity speeds up.

"It's funny actually, because we shot it and I got to do my own stunt. There was a muffin and a cup of coffee on the roof of the car and I had to pull away really fast. It jolted the muffin off the car and I loved it," Atkins explained.

Lawrence Robb and Emma Atkins as Mack and Charity in Emmerdale.
Mack has a thing or two to explain... ITV

As for the news she's received, all clues seems to be pointing at a confrontation between her and Mack coming up.

"There's a lot of anger to begin with that boils up to the surface. When she starts talking about what's happened it comes out quite vitriolic, angry and bitter," the actress said.

Will Mack be honest? And will these two decide to go through with the wedding?

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