Nate’s mum Cara Robinson (Carryl Thomas) took no prisoners in this evening’s (19th February) instalment of Emmerdale. She sent an angry Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) packing after he threatened to kill Nate Robinson (Jurrell Carter) for offering to help him with his broken marriage.


It was a welcome return for the stylish mum and high-flying accountant who has demonstrated zero fear where the Dingles are concerned.

On one memorable previous encounter, Cara told Cain that he was “a two-bit mechanic from a toxic family of rapists”.

Tonight she surprised Nate by turning up at The Woolpack to take Nate for his tea and didn’t waste any time getting on the wrong side of the Dingle clan.

While Cain simmered over his pint Cara locked horns with his cousin Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) who accused Cara of being a poor mother for lying to her son about his dad “and wrecking three people’s lives".

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Cara was having none of it, calmly ordering a white wine before turning her attentions to her one-time boyfriend who was now threatening their son.

To be fair to Cain having to put up with his son offering to build bridges between him and ex-wife Moira when it was Nate who split them apart in the first place would be enough to make anyone lose their cool.

A notoriously bad reader of any room, Nate kept pushing about Moira until Cain exploded.

As he stormed off Cara tried to get through to her son, saying: “When are you going to realise how dangerous he is?”

Later as Harriet Finch handed Will’s gun over to Cain for him to dispose of Nate fans will hope the answer is sooner rather than later.


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