Will Nate’s mum Cara stick around in Emmerdale after Cain showdown?

Moira laid down the law to her husband's ex

emmerdale cara robinson

The arrival of Cain Dingle’s ex-lover Cara Robinson continues to ruffle feathers in Emmerdale, and now she’s determined to take son Nate Robinson away from his long-lost dad.


Cara’s surprise entrance sent shockwaves around the village, a day after she showed up unannounced. The bolshy businesswoman tried to persuade Nate to leave with her, having learnt that his misguided revenge plan against the father he never knew – and who never knew about him – had turned into an unlikely edition of Long Lost Family as he now wanted to bond with his estranged parent.

Cain and Cara raked over their troubled past and discussed how she was forced to hide her pregnancy 20 odd years ago by Cain’s mum Faith to protect her from abusive, racist husband Shadrach’s reaction to a mixed race grandchild.

Cain never knew Cara was carrying his child, and Cara believed Cain had abandoned her, hence Nate growing up with a grudge against his dad and coming to the village with a secret agenda to destroy his life by seducing wife Moira.

With so much hurt caused by Cain’s toxic family, Cara wants Nate to cut ties with the Dingles but her offspring has different ideas and appears to have chosen the chaotic country clan over his own mother.

emmerdale cara robinson

Just as she was prepared to admit defeat and make peace with Nate’s choice, Cara got a firm talking-to from Moira about how dangerous the Dingles’ influence would be on her boy and pushed her to fight for him. “If you truly love him, you’ll get him out of here before he’s lost for good,” she warned.

Cara’s future on the show is an unknown quantity, as Emmerdale kept her introduction a secret from viewers before she appeared on screen, but it will be interesting to see her stick around for a while and take on Cain for Nate’s loyalty. And teaming up with Moira would be a twist, as the sozzled Scot clearly has her own agenda in trying to get Nate out of the picture as she hopes she can repair her marriage without her toy boy as a neighbour. We get the feeling Cara is not the kind of woman to be taken for a fool, though…

Plus there’s surely more to explore in terms of Cain and Cara’s past – who’s up for a prequel set in the 1990s?


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