Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) has left Emmerdale after Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) refused to forgive his mum for covering up the existence of secret love child Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter).


The revelation that Moira Dingle's (Natalie J Robb) toy boy was actually the estranged, embittered offspring of her husband has rocked the village since it aired earlier this week.

Nate had kept his true agenda, and identity, hidden since he arrived in the village back in the spring, and the real reason he set about seducing Moira is now clear. However, when Nate confronted Cain with the news that he was the son of old flame Kara Robinson who he thought he'd abandoned to be a single parent, Mr Dingle insisted he hadn't seen her in decades and never even knew she was pregnant.

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Faith then admitted her part in the shocking backstory, explaining that Cain's racist father, the late Shadrach, did not want a mixed race child in the family and that she had warned Kara off when she came to announce the pregnancy. Fearing abusive Shadrach's wrath would be targeted at Kara and the kid, Faith believed she was protecting them, and Cain, by never telling him about the baby – but Cain did not see it that way.

With Nate's entire revenge plot completely misdirected – as Cain genuinely did not know he had a son – Moira's affair was all for nothing and Faith was wracked with guilt at the mess she'd made.

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Realising forgiveness from her son was highly unlikely any time soon, Faith decided to leave the village and bid a tearful farewell to close friend Eric Pollard, daughter Chas Dingle, her partner Paddy Kirk and their newborn baby daughter Eve. Cain, unsurprisingly, was not present to wave his mother off in a taxi…

The door has been left open for Dexter, who has been in the show since 2017.

She is next set to star as the first female Scrooge on the London stage in Christmas Carol – a Fairytale at Wilton's Music Hall from 29th November to 4th January.


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