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Emmerdale confirms Cain is Nate's dad - and Faith covered up the secret

Questions are answered as a murky chapter of the Dingles' past is revealed

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Published: Thursday, 24th October 2019 at 8:25 pm

Emmerdale has finally provided some explanatory backstory for naughty Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) that appears to confirm he really is the long-lost son of Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), with a further twist revealing that Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) was involved in covering up the existence of her son's love child.


After this week's dramatic reveal of the affair between Nate and Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) and the secret son bombshell, followed by a boat explosion and an underwater rescue, revelations and exposition in Thursday's Emmerdale (24th October) filled in the gaps and answered the questions had in the immediate aftermath of the randy Robinson's paternity claim.

Let's revisit our queries and the information we now have after the episodes…

Did Cain know he had a secret son?

No, not a clue. At first Cain didn't believe Nate as he gleefully admitted he'd tracked his dad down with the intention of ruining his life (hence seducing Moira and helping Amy get custody of Kyle) as revenge for abandoning him – except Cain never abandoned anyone because he had no idea Nate existed…

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Who is Nate's mum?

As Nate and Cain recounted their version of events, it all started to become clear. Sort of. Barmaid Kara Robinson was an old flame of Cain's from 20 or so years ago. They were both young adults from the wrong side of the tracks but were serious about each other – but Cain was confused when she vanished from his life for no reason, leaving him heartbroken, and he never knew why and certainly never knew she was pregnant. The whole gory story started to unravel as Nate revealed that his mum had told him all his life that Cain had rejected her when she got up the duff as he didn't want a mixed race child, fearing it would bring shame on his racist family. She even claimed she'd come to the village to find him on numerous occasions and was sent packing. But by who?

Did Faith already know?

Yup – and here's where things get really sticky. Guilt-ridden Faith arrived mid-monologue during Nate and Cain's tense hospital showdown and admitted Kara had come to tell Cain she was preggers back in the day, but the prospective grandma had dispatched her knowing Cain's dad, her abusive, racist ex-husband Shadrach, would make life unbearable for her. Thinking she was protecting Kara and her unborn child from Shadrach's bigotry, Faith made Kara believe Cain didn't want to know, but kept the whole thing from her oblivious son…

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So what happens now?

Good question. As Faith shamefully told Nate he had plotted to get revenge on the wrong person, and that innocent Cain had not rejected him, she was cast out from the Dingles for the lifetime of lies. Cain and Moira's marriage has been compromised for nothing, but has obviously exposed a huge crack in the relationship that seems beyond repair. What we do know is that Faith exits the show soon in some highly dramatic scenes, which Dexter describes as some of the most harrowing she's ever filmed. Sounds like forgiveness will be in short supply for this branch of the Dingles. The next big question is: how long until we meet the mysterious Kara?


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