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Emmerdale explodes as Cain goes on rampage over Moira and Nate affair

Lives are on the line in a dramatic boat stunt

emmerdale boat explosion
Published: Tuesday, 15th October 2019 at 7:00 am

Emmerdale is pulling out all the stops for Cain Dingle's (Jeff Hordley) discovery that his wife Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) has cheated on him with hunky farm hand Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter), as first-look pictures show an explosion on a boat with all three members of the love triangle aboard.


An hour-long Emmerdale episode airing on Tuesday 22nd October rewards the patience of fans who have been willing Cain to discover his other half's infidelity since the lusty liaison, which has divided fans, started in the summer.

Meddling mum Faith Dingle gets the wrong end of the stick and shares her suspicions with her son that his spouse is carrying on with Pete Barton, but when Cain ties him up and threatens torture, Moira's nephew confesses it's naughty Nate his missus has been secretly bedding.

Tracking the couple down, who have been away overnight at an agricultural show, calculating Cain plays it cool and lures them to a boat he's hired, breezily announcing he's organised a fishing trip.

emmerdale cain dingle nate robinson

Moira and Nate are understandably nervous they've been busted, and before long the devastated Dingle confronts his rival and the truth about the fling tumbles out, leading to a huge brawl between the fellas.

Moira ends up knocked overboard into the lake and gets trapped underwater, tied up in weeds, and events build to full-on pyrotechnics when a leaking canister of petrol causes a fire and the boat blows up… Who survives?

emmerdale nate robinson cain dingle fight

"Nate is both brave and very stupid to have started this affair with Moira," says Carter. "Getting between a married couple is a massive mistake, but he's not put off by Cain's reputation as a hard man because he doesn't really know much about him. Nate is very brave and strong himself, he was instantly attracted to Moira and that was that, no one is a threat to him. He can handle himself and is a great match for Cain."

Fighting talk indeed, but only a fool would write off the mighty Cain Dingle, as Hordley reminds us: "Nate is younger, fitter and stronger but they are fairly equally matched as Cain is very fired up. He finds this inner strength to exact his anger and his frustrations certainly come out."

emmerdale moira dingle cain dingle nate robinson

The timing of the high-octane set piece upholds Emmerdale's tradition of going big in October, the month of the soap's anniversary - the actual start date being 16th October 1972. In previous years the autumn slot has hosted the 40th anniversary live episode and death of Carl King (2012), killer Cameron Murray's Woolpack siege (2013), the Hotten motorway crash (2016) and the murder of Emma Barton (2017).


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