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Cain Dingle tries to kill Robert Sugden in shock new Emmerdale scenes

The Dales bad boy plans to frame Chrissie in an upcoming episode logo
Published: Saturday, 10th October 2015 at 11:01 pm

Cain Dingle will be lured back to the dark side in the coming weeks when he makes plans to kill Robert Sugden and frame Chrissie for the crime.


A desperate Cain will be seen formulating a murder plot when Aaron is charged following the recent shooting of Robert.

Seeing how traumatised Chas is, Cain starts to feel the pressure to save his family. And when Pollard tells Cain that he saw Chrissie with a gun on the night that Robert took a bullet, he comes up with a shock scheme.

Pretty soon, Cain is at the hospital and hiding himself from the CCTV with a large teddy. He distracts a nurse and snatches a cordless phone from her desk and Chrissie is lured into Cain’s trap when she receives a call from the hospital telling her she needs to come in.

And it's then that Cain heads to Robert's bed and goes to cut the oxygen tube…but will he succeed with his wicked course of action? FInd out when Emmerdale airs these scenes on Wednesday 21 October.

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