Emmerdale's Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) is a woman scorned, having discovered husband Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) is cheating on her with colleague Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) - so why is she weeping about still being in love with the unfaithful fella and wondering how to get him back instead of plotting a painful revenge?


Enough of the whining, surely Andrea has spent enough time around monster-in-law Kim Tate to have picked up a few tips on getting even? We've been waiting patiently for the underused character to bear her teeth and channel her inner bad girl - and this storyline is the perfect opportunity. We want schemes, we want vengeance, we want her to play dirty - and we've got suggestions as to how to make the naughty pair's lives hell. You're welcome, Andrea.

Revenge affair

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The best way to get over an unfaithful partner is to get under another one. If Graham Foster was still around he would've been the perfect candidate for a retaliative romp, considering their history, but in his absence who could Andrea have some fun with to teach Jamie a lesson? Dishy Dr Liam Cavanagh? He's cut from the same posh boy cloth as Jamie. Chef Luke Posner? They could bond over a lack of dramatic plots. Nate Robinson? He can't get enough of married women. Belle's widowed dad Zak Dingle? Now we're talking full-on scandal…

Frame them for a crime

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How about stitching Jamie, or Belle, or both of them, for a crime they didn't commit to get them out of the way and show who's boss? Andrea's got form when it comes to killing animals having run over Priya's dog the night Graham died and burying it in the woods, what if she flipped and bumped off someone's pet in the vet, then made it look like Jamie and Belle were murdering their furry patients? Too dark?

Become Belle's BFF while secretly ruining her life

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If Andrea really does want to fight for her man (if you ask us she could do way better than wet blanket Jamie but there's no accounting for taste) she needs to eliminate the competition. Rather than distance herself from her love rival and make it blindingly obvious she knows something's going on, Andrea needs to become bezzies with Belle to freak her out while sneakily destroying her behind the scenes.

Setting her up for a fall at work so she loses her job, turning the Dingles against her, making everyone think she's had another psychological breakdown and getting her sectioned, maybe becoming her stalker and sending menacing threats to drive her out of the village - who would suspect her 'best mate' is behind it all? Although maybe it would be more interesting if Andrea and Belle get fed up of being played and team up against him…

More like this

Fake a pregnancy

emmerdale jamie tate Andrea tate belle dingle

Taking a leaf out of Sienna Blake's book back when she was Hollyoaks' number one village vixen, Andrea could announce the joyful news she's expecting a brother or sister for Millie and wax lyrical about how this is a new start for her perfect family.

Jamie would be sweating as he's forced to choose between being a dad again or his bit on the side, Belle would be consumed with guilt and Andrea would enjoy watching them squirm - while she spends the next nine months stuffing a cushion up her jumper and downloading scan photos from the internet because, guess what, she's not actually pregnant and made it up to force Jamie to dump Belle. Then she'd reveal the truth and dump him herself, leaving him with nothing!

Beware – this could backfire, as Sienna's fake foam bump was publicly exposed by arch-enemy Nancy Osborne so there are potential pitfalls.

Lie that Millie isn't Jamie's daughter


Talking of kiddies, it wasn't long ago Andrea and Jamie were on the verge of divorce and prepared to fight for custody of Millie. That all stemmed from the revelation Andrea had slept with Graham and there was a possibility he was her biological father - a DNA test proved Jamie was the daddy after all, but what if Andrea concocted an elaborate scheme whereby she pretends the results were wrong (easy enough, surely) and that Millie is really Graham's after all so Jamie has no legal claim over the little girl. Hit him where it hurts!

Ask Kim for help

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Failing all that, Andrea should tell Jamie's mum Kim he's been a naughty boy and beg her for help as to how she could exact revenge. There must be some benefit to having soap's most famous super bitch at your disposal? We predict Kim's top tip would be to steal Jamie's share of the Tate family fortune and take off in a helicopter - it worked out pretty well for her.


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