What happened between Max Branning and Lucy Beale? EastEnders affair explained

The scandalous fling that changed everything

eastenders max branning lucy beale

The return of Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) to EastEnders has reopened old wounds for Walford’s first family as they recall the teen’s shocking murder of his big sister Lucy when he was just 10 years old.


As remorseful Bobby tries to adjust to life on the outside following a stint behind bars for his violent act, he appears to want to discuss his deceased sibling despite his family’s discomfort at the very mention of her name.

On Thursday 15th August he tackled Max Branning (Jake Wood) about his and Lucy’s affair, which set off a chain of events that eventually led to him being framed for the murder. So what exactly did go on between the Lothario and his young lover before her grisly demise?

eastenders max branning bobby beale

When did Max and Lucy’s affair happen in EastEnders?

Shortly before Lucy’s murder sparked a year-long whodunnit in 2014 an ill-fated, inappropriate and downright icky fling between the 20 year-old icy blonde and her best mate Lauren’s sleazy dad began.

The pair understandably kept it under wraps but shortly before she was found dead on the common they were being blackmailed by somebody over secretly-snapped photographs of them together – later revealed to be Max’s disgusted daughter Abi.  They also had an argument in the car lot that got physical causing Luce to fall and hit her head, and Max being spotted later cleaning up his lover’s blood made him an early suspect.

Why was Max framed for Lucy’s murder?

Max was a pariah after his and Lucy’s relationship was exposed in the aftermath of her murder, and in February 2015 when Jane Beale revealed to husband Ian their son Bobby was responsible for the crime but didn’t realise it (during EastEnders’ live 30th anniversary episode) they conspired to cover it up and pinned it on Mr Branning – who by this time, thanks to stacks of evidence and being generally hated, had been charged.

Phil Mitchell discovered the truth about Bobby and colluded with the Beales to protect his son Ben, who was also in the frame, and Max ended up getting 20 years. A year later Bobby subjected mum Jane to a violent attack with a hockey stick and admitted he was Lucy’s killer all along, and Max was freed.

For a romance so short-lived and borne out of pure lust, Max and Lucy’s liaison certainly had a big impact…


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