Sharon and Karen teamed up to kidnap Keanu on EastEnders!

Who saw this twist coming?

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EastEnders has revealed tonight that it was Sharon and Karen who were responsible for the shock abduction of Keanu.


The BBC1 soap had kept the identity of the kidnapper a secret prior to transmission, with many – including Keanu himself – suspecting that Walford warhorse Phil Mitchell would be responsible after getting wind of the young mechanic’s affair with Sharon.

But, as things currently stand, he still remains in the dark about the illicit trysts, with Karen and Sharon having now turned out to have snatched Keanu in order to mete out the kind of punishment he could expect should Phil really discover the truth. For those who missed the episode and want to know the logistics, the pair apparently drugged Keanu and transported him to a derelict warehouse in Mitch’s van. Easy, huh?

What remains unanswered though, is what Sharon told Phil following Tuesday’s cliffhanger, though it’s safe to assume she didn’t confess to any bunk-ups with Keanu in the Arches.


Keanu had been all set to spill the beans about the infidelity in order to be honest with pregnant fiancee Louise. But tonight’s reality check appears to have made him reconsider his plans, especially now that Sharon has reiterated that the child she is expecting is Phil’s rather than Keanu’s.

The double-baby drama looks set to be a long-running plotline for EastEnders, with fans still convinced that Keanu could still be the father of both children. And there’s also suspicion that Sharon’s pregnancy has been timed so that the birth can coincide with the show’s 35th anniversary in February 2020.

Currently, though, the more pressing issue is whether a now-liberated Keanu can now make it to the hospital in time for partner Louise’s first baby scan – and if he’ll face the wrath of her dad Phil should he miss the appointment. Expect answers to that particular poser when EastEnders returns tomorrow at 8.00pm on BBC1…


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