Desperate mum Mel Owen (played by Tamzin Outhwaite) has been doing everything she can in EastEnders to cover-up her son Hunter's (Charlie Winter) killer tracks since he shot dead Mel's husband Ray Kelly on the couple's wedding day in January.


But time could be running out for both of them, since at the end of Friday 8 February's episode, a dog was seen digging up something in the woods, at the very spot where Ray's dead body is buried...

Uh-oh, what's this dog about to dig up? (Picture: BBC)

This won't be good news for Mel, who is selling back her share of nightclub E20 to Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) and his wife Sharon (Letitia Dean) an trying to do a runner from Albert Square before the killer truth about Hunter gets out.

This week, we saw Mel dispose of the murder weapon and bullet, and lie to the police concerning Ray's whereabouts.

But it's clear Mel is also worried about Hunter's killer streak and fears he could strike again. So earlier in the week, she chucked out all the knives in the house and also started spiking her son's drinks with diazepam, a drug which has a calming effect. Could Mel secretly be worried Hunter will turn on her?

EastEnders, Mel Owen
Will Mel manage to get Hunter out of Walford before Ray's murder is exposed? (Picture: BBC)

So how long will it before Ray's corpse is discovered by the police?

It has previously been announced Charlie Winter has filmed his final scenes as Hunter and left the BBC One soap. And it looks like the net is closing in on Mel next week when she is questioned again by the police again and digs herself in deeper by using ex-lover Jack Branning as an alibi for her whereabouts on the night Ray was murdered!

But will Jack play along and ultimately help Mel and Hunter flee Walford and escape from the police? It's gonna be exciting!


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