Has Sharon arranged to have ex-lover Keanu killed by her hubby Phil in EastEnders?

Keanu fears for his life when Phil sends him to do a job in Spain...

EastEnders, Sharon Mitchell, Keanu Taylor

As Sharon Mitchell’s (Letitia Dean) stepdaughter Louise (Tilly Keeper) continued to mope about her break-up with boyfriend Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) in EastEnders on Thursday 7 February, the conflicted cougar secretly shared Louise’s pain as she hides the fact she still has the hots for the muscular mechanic, despite ending their affair before Christmas.


“In the old days you would have taken Keanu abroad and buried him!” stroppy Louise complained to her dad Phil, who so far hasn’t sacked employee Keanu.

But did Louise’s angry outburst give Sharon an idea of how to rid Keanu from both their lives?

In tonight’s episode, during a drunken pow-wow at the Vic with gal pals Linda Carter, Denise Fox and Honey Mitchell, Sharon became increasingly uncomfortable over all the chat about the benefits of having a younger lover.

Since Keanu has made it clear he’s still crazy about her, it suddenly appeared Sharon made the decision to take an out-of-sight-out-of-mind approach. She put a quick phone call into her hubby Phil (Steve McFadden) and barely five minutes later Keanu discovered he was being packed off to Spain for a month to do a “job” for Phil.

However, things took a sinister turn when Keanu confronted Sharon over trying to get rid of him to protect herself, in case the truth about their past affair is revealed. And when Keanu appeared afraid that this was no ordinary job and he might be off on a one-way ticket, Sharon began to regret her decision in asking for Phil’s help in putting Keanu out of the picture.

“I’ll be lucky to make it back in one piece,” Keanu told a shaken Sharon. “Whatever happens, it is because of you!”

Will Keanu be killed?

As Keanu walked away, Sharon was filled with dread that she’s played a part in sending Keanu to his doom…

Rushing home, Sharon pleaded with Phil (who was watching the classic horror movie, Night Of The Living Dead!) to call off the job in Spain. But it was too late. The wheels were in motion and Phil seemed satisfied Keanu wouldn’t be bothering Louise again. Could he be planning to have Keanu killed?

What’s in store for Keanu in Spain? Could he be walking into a fatal trap and will Sharon ever be able to forgive herself if he fails to return to Walford? Keanu’s parting words could still come back to haunt her…

“You wanted rid of me. That’s what you got.”


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