Pam Coker’s return to EastEnders makes Ben reject Callum

Grief for murdered lover Paul Coker threatens to destroy 'Ballum'

Callum Pam Ben EastEnders

Ben Mitchell is overjoyed to see Pam Coker, the grandmother of his first love Paul, back in Albert Square in Thursday 7th November’s EastEnders episode, but respect for his ex who was murdered in 2016 in a homophobic attack makes Ben lie to Pam about his relationship with Callum Highway (Tony Clay), humiliating his sensitive boyfriend.


Ben (Max Bowden) describes himself and Callum to Pam (Lin Blakley) as nothing more than “really good mates” while the glass-half-full wife of retired Coker and Mitchell Funeral Director Les offers Callum encouragement that, “there’s a lid for every pot” after she is told that his brief marriage to Whitney is over.

The shadow of Paul’s shocking death (Phil Mitchell believed he was going to the morgue to identify Ben’s body after both lads were attacked) has loomed over Ben and Callum’s romance so it’s no surprise that Pam’s arrival throws up complicated feelings. It’s another setback for Halfway who has struggled with his sexuality and lays into Ben for ignoring him completely.

The return of Pam to Walford is always a welcome one, however brief. She visited in May 2017 when she gave Billy Mitchell the news that Les was making him a partner in the funeral business, now Coker and Mitchell Funeral directors. She was also back when Billy jeopardised the business with Irish gangster Aidan Maguire.

Before she leaves again Pam and Ben will have a real heart to heart but where will it leave ‘Ballum’ at the end of it?


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