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Next week's EastEnders spoilers - Keegan and Tiffany flee to get married

A big return and a surprise wedding in Walford

Published: Sunday, 3rd November 2019 at 12:10 pm

Pam Coker is one of those characters that EastEnders should never have got rid of. Since her exit, the show has been missing a kindly confidante figure, someone to whom others can reveal their woes.


Dot is, of course, the ultimate elderly advisor, but I get the impression that June Brown’s workload is perhaps lighter than it once was (no surprise, really; she is 92). And there hasn’t really been anyone available of late to fulfil that same role, Ted Murray having gone off on is travels and Big Mo being too caustic and self-serving.

EastEnders - October - December - 2019 - 6021

So, it’s terrific to see actress Lin Blakley back, even if it’s just for a short period. And, of course, Pam will be seen reconnecting with Ben, who, in her absence, has got himself a whole new face and attitude. Tonight, we’ll see Ben getting all coy about how much Callum means to him, while Friday’s episode finds him opening up to Pam, with the two of them having a heart to heart.

Elsewhere, celebrations for Louise’s 18th birthday are in danger of being ruined with Mel contemplating putting her in the picture about Keanu being the father of Sharon’s baby. Over at the E20, it’s round two for Shirley, who has another showdown with Shelley, the woman who she assaulted for bad-mouthing little Ollie.

EastEnders - October - December - 2019 - 6020

And Friday’s episode looks set to be a blur of satin, tulle and taffeta as teen sweethearts Keegan and Tiffany head to Scotland to get married. But will their efforts be stymied by Karen, Mitch, Sonia and Jack, who are in hot pursuit behind them?


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