Next week on EastEnders: Ronnie’s in danger, Abi makes an enemy of Louise – and can Tamwar stop Nancy from leaving?

4-8 April 2016: Plus Phil makes a play for ex-wife Kathy


Your guide to all next week’s drama in Albert Square…


1. Phil tries to kiss Kathy

Ian is worried that Kathy is falling for Phil once more and warns him to stay away from her. But how will she react when a drunken Phil attempts to kiss her at the Vic? The rest of the Mitchells are also despairing of Phil’s behaviour and turn their backs on him. All except Louise, that is, who realises that it’s up to her to get help. Cue a confrontation during which she demands to know why he’s drinking.

2. Louise gets the better of Abi

Mischievous Louise hammers Phil’s credit card to make some huge purchases, leaving Ben in a panic when he sees the statement. It doesn’t take long for Abi to realise that Louise is responsible and demands that she return the items. But the tables are soon turned on Abi when Babe reveals that she’s sent a letter to Ben telling him the truth about the baby – a letter that Louise soon finds. With Louise now knowing the truth about Abi’s duplicity, she wastes no time in coming up with some demands of her own.

3. A mystery buyer gets No 5

Sharon is taken aback when Ronnie invites herself along to a house auction for No 5, but the pair find themselves in an out-of-control bidding war with a mystery buyer, who eventually wins. Back at home, Ronnie suggests that Sharon comes to live with her, but the pair are interrupted when they learn who has bought the house…

4. Who wants Ronnie Mitchell dead?

Ronnie is left shaken when Les calls round to say that he’s received an email saying she’d died and he should organise her funeral! By Friday, Ronnie is trying to get to the bottom of who is harassing her, while Jack takes matters into his own hands and makes a shocking discovery. As the situation escalates, Ronnie finds herself in a dangerous situation – will Jack get to her in time?

5. Will Nancy leave?

Tamwar learns of Nancy’s plans to go to Italy and desperately tries to convince her to stay. But will his words be enough? 

6. It’s getting heated for Sonia and Tina

Desperate to make amends with Sonia following a recent argument, Tina decides to join the half marathon so they can talk, but is soon forced to stop after hurting her leg. An annoyed Sonia stops to help and the pair have a heated discussion. Is their relationship on the line?

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