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Is there romance in store for Bex and Kush in EastEnders?

The friends are brought closer by a bundle of stolen fur coats!

EastEnders, Kush Kazemi, Bex Fowler
Published: Tuesday, 12th March 2019 at 11:25 am

What's this? Bex Fowler (played by Jasmine Armfield) getting flirty with her dad Martin's (James Bye) best mate Kush Kazemi (Davood Ghadami) in EastEnders?


Stressed-out student Bex can definitely do with some cheering-up while she's under pressure to do well in her exams. Plus Bex and hunky market trader Kush have a BIG family connection: Bex dated Kush's younger brother Shakil, who died after being fatally stabbed by a gang member last year.

In the BBC soap on Tuesday 19 March, Bex discovers Kush is selling a range of fur coats on his market stall sold to him by dodgy Big Mo Harris (Laila Morse). After discovering a batch of real fur coats have recently been stolen in the area, Bex races to inform Kush he could be flogging stolen property! But can he ditch the goods before the police turn up?

EastEnders, Bex Fowler, Kush Kazemi
Bex suspects Kush is selling stolen fur coats! (Picture: BBC)

Grateful for the tip-off, Kush meets Bex in the Vic for a drink on Thursday 21 March. Bex shares her worries about going to university and the friends reminisce about Shakil.

EastEnders, Kush Kazemi, Bex Fowler
It started wih a kiss? Kush gives Bex a friendly peck on the cheek. (Picture: BBC)

But how will Bex react when Kush gives her a friendly kiss on the cheek? Will she be smitten by the attention she's getting from older man Kush? And how would Martin react if a romantic attraction developed between the pair?

EastEnders, Martin Fowler, Kush Kazemi, Stuart Highway, Bex Fowler
Yikes... Martin is on the warpath! What has he heard about Bex and Kush? (Picture: BBC)

Watch this space!


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