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Tiffany reveals tragic secret to Keegan in EastEnders

Can their romance survive this bombshell?

eastenders tiffany butcher keegan baker
Published: Monday, 23rd September 2019 at 8:28 pm

EastEnders' Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith) faced a painful chapter of her past on Monday 23rd September when she finally confessed to boyfriend Keegan Baker (Zack Morris) that she was raped.


The loved-up teens were enjoying some alone time after Keegan's 18th birthday celebrations, when Tiff nervously admitted there was more to her recent admission that she wasn't ready to sleep with him yet.

Scared at how he might react, Tiff tentatively asked Keegan not to feel sorry for her before she told him the tragic truth, but the birthday boy couldn't cope with the bombshell and rushed off, leaving his girlfriend alone and upset.

Who else knows about Tiffany's ordeal?

Brave Tiff has bottled up the truth about her assault for months, and has only told one other person - uncle Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) - about her ordeal.

The incident occurred earlier this year when Tiff became embroiled with Evie Steele and the county lines gang, who groomed the schoolgirl and forced her into trafficking drugs around the country.

In April 2019, after Evie supplied names to the authorities in exchange for police protection, ex-officer Jack took his niece under his wing and learnt through his cop connections some of the apprehended gang members had been charged with sex offences.

eastenders tiffany butcher jack branning

Tiffany had hidden the extent of the ordeal she endured while on the run, but eventually confided in Jack she had been sexually assaulted by one of the dealers. Insisting the police did not get involved, she decided not to take the matter any further and deal with it in her own time.

In June 2019, shaken Tiff came face to face with her attacker, Fraser, when he reappeared on the Square. Upon learning the identity of his niece's nemesis and that he was back on the scene, intimidating her, protective Jack took the law into his own hands and lashed out at the lad, subjecting him to a vicious beating.

Mr Branning faced a possible prison sentence for his flare-up, jeopardising his relationship with Denise Fox who was bewildered by his violent act. Tiff explained to Dee that Jack was just looking out for her as Fraser was part of the gang she'd got mixed up in, but did not reveal she was raped.

Jack's sister-in-law Rainie Branning later gave him a false alibi if he agreed to forget about the money she stole from him, so he swerved jail.

Tiff and Keegan's sweet romance was just getting started, but will she regret the difficult move of opening up to him about something so personal if he can't cope what she's shared?


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