EastEnders: Tamwar Masood in new online spin-off

Everyone's favourite assistant market inspector will star in a four-part drama in July

Quirky Tamwar Masood (Himesh Patel) is to become the latest EastEnders character to receive his own online spin-off.


From Thursday 25 July, visitors to the BBC1 soap’s official website (www.bbc.co.uk/eastenders) will be able to see Tamwar Tales – The Life of an Assistant Market Inspector, four weekly short films written by Richard Lazarus that promise to portray Tam’s daily hassles.

Co-starring such Eastenders stalwarts as Tameka Empson, Nitin Ganatra, Ricky Norwood and Gillian Wright, the dramas will see Tamwar doing the Harlam Shake with Fatboy, sorting out a security incident caused by Kim and dealing with his dad’s attempts at fly-pitching. But events take an unexpected turn when Tamwar meets up with the always emotionally fraught Jean.

Actor Himesh Patel said of the project:  “It was really fun working on the four shorts. It was like taking a character that we know and putting him in a different genre. Viewers who are fans of Tamwar will finally get a look inside his head.”


This latest internet-only venture isn’t the first time that EastEnders has attempted to do something of this nature. EastEnders: E20 – a spin-off that targeted a younger Hollyoaks demographic – ran from 2009 to 2011, while Lauren’s Diaries (featuring Jacqueline Jossa) appeared in 2010 and The B&B (a vehicle for Tameka Empson’s Kim) was made available last year.