Stacey Slater's (Lacey Turner) concerns over her family worsened in tonight's EastEnders (11th January), as the combination of daughter Lily's pregnancy and severe financial problems added more pressure.


The 12-year-old's condition has sent shockwaves through the Slater clan, with police and social services descending upon them for regular questioning over how Lily came to be expecting at such a young age.

After days of mystery, Lily recently admitted to her mum that Ricky Junior (Frankie Day) is the father of her unborn baby, before she added that she would not be talked into having an abortion.

Lily hasn't made a decision about her future just yet, but Stacey told Martin Fowler (James Bye) that they couldn't try and sway the youngster's choice.

Martin conceded, offering to take an unimpressed Lily out for food. But while they headed out, Stacey was faced with a new dilemma.

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The rent on their house, owned by the Panesars, has now been increased - and as Stacey confided in wife/best pal Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) of her struggle to make ends meet, Eve offered to talk to their landlady, her on/off love interest Suki (Balvinder Sopal).

As Stacey was telling Eve that the idea was pointless, the power went out in the van they were making and selling breakfast baps from. It was the final straw for the stressed woman, and she felt more helpless than ever.

Lillia Turner as an upset Lily Slater in EastEnders.
Lillia Turner as an upset Lily Slater in EastEnders. BBC

Mum Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) found Stacey close to tears at home, and pondered all the difficulties the pair had faced over the years - much of it witnessed by EastEnders viewers.

Stacey then explained that she wasn't ever going to force Lily's hand over her pregnancy, but she simply couldn't afford to feed yet another mouth. She hoped that Lily would make "the right decision" - which she clearly felt was a termination.

Lily hid nearby, having overheard the desperation in her mum's voice. Will Stacey's words influence how she chooses to deal with her pregnancy, or will she reveal that she knows all about the Slater money woes?

And can Stacey find the strength to support Lily while handling their living situation?

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