EastEnders spoilers for next week: Shocks at Dennis’s funeral, plus Jags and Habiba get passionate

A shock return mars Dennis's wake

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 24/03/2020 - Programme Name: EastEnders - January - March 2020 - TX: 31/03/2020 - Episode: EastEnders - January - March - 2020 - 6102 (No. 6102) - Picture Shows: ***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 24TH MARCH 2020*** Sharon Mitchell (LETITIA DEAN) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes

The leaner EastEnders output means we’re only getting two episodes again this week, with instalments airing on Monday at 8.00pm and Tuesday at 7.30pm.


Key events include Dennis’s funeral service and Linda’s fall from the wagon.

Read on for the full details of EastEnders between 30th March and 3rd April

Dennis’s funeral drama

Sharon is laying down the law on the day of Dennis’s funeral: no Mitchell is allowed at the service. But since when did anyone in that particular soap clan play by the rules? So, it’s no surprise when first Jay arrives with flowers and then a defiant Ben turns up at the wake. It’s left to a guilty-feeling Ian to try and calm Sharon down, but no soothing words will work when a third member of the Mitchell family rocks up: Phil.

Sharon then launches herself at her estranged husband and, with the situation fast spiralling out of control, Ian calls the police. But by the time officers arrive, Phil has fled back home, where he’s now contemplating taking a drink. Just as Jay tries to talk him out of it, the police turn up and Phil hares off to hide. However, when Ian later spots him in the Square, he’s left shocked by Phil’s admission…

Linda succumbs to temptation

Anyone who thought that the ill-fated river cruise served as a real wake-up call for Linda will be reconsidering their view on Monday. Despite the Queen Vic landlady telling husband Mick that she’s now ready to return to work full time, Linda finds her anxiety levels rising. And after finding Shirley’s bottle of vodka, she ends up pouring herself a drink. Shirl then catches her daughter in law red handed and when Mick also arrives on the scene, Linda is left with little option but to admit that she’s had a drink. In the aftermath, Linda will be seen opening up to Mick about life’s pressures – and pretty soon, the Carters are making a big decision

Passion for Jags and Habiba

Habiba and Jags discuss Suki’s actions and, as the pair have a heart to heart, Habiba is touched when she’s left with the impression that Jags is talking about a friend who’s dying. Seeing Jags in a new light, the two of them end up sharing a kiss – but the morning after the night before brings with it some recrimination.

Ian v Dotty

Ian is still wracked with remorse and sneaks away from Dennis’s funeral to meet with Dotty, who is piling on the pressure for him to come clean. The next night though, troublesome Dotty steals a man’s wallet and, as the guy gives chase, Peter saves the day. As Ian overhears the commotion, he ends up rifling through Dotty’s bag and finds what he’s searching for – the keys to the Arches. Just what does Ian plan to do with them?


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