This article includes discussions around sexual assault and rape, as well as eating disorders, that some readers may find upsetting.


It's a difficult week for Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) in EastEnders, who next week faces up to the trauma that has triggered an eating disorder. Can Ben's friends and family help him begin his recovery?

Meanwhile, Yolande Trueman (Angela Wynter) is back - but can ex-husband Patrick (Rudolph Walker) persuade her to stay?

As for the couples of Walford, Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and Zack Hudson (James Farrar) face a big decision over their future, while a similar issue causes a clash between Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) and Reiss Colwell (Jonny Freeman).

Also, Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) has some advice for nephew Freddie (Bobby Brazier) after a recent turbulent time.

Read on for all your EastEnders spoilers from 7th - 10th August 2023.

6 EastEnders spoilers next week

1. Ben Mitchell reaches breaking point

Max Bowden as Ben Mitchell in EastEnders.
Max Bowden as Ben Mitchell in EastEnders. BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

As the day of Jay Brown's (Jamie Borthwick) parental hearing dawns, Ben continues to struggle with feelings of inadequacy. When Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) tries to arrange a celebration in The Vic for later, Ben remains evasive and it looks like he'll miss the court hearing altogether as he takes out his frustrations at the gym.

George Knight (Colin Salmon) finds Ben and urges him to be there for his daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown), no matter what he's feeling. Jay is relieved when Ben arrives at court, but at the pub, Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) once again picks up on Ben's troubled attitude to food.

Honey follows him home and tries to get him to open up, sharing her own experience with bulimia. But Ben is unable to share his private pain, and he lashes out at Honey and orders her away. Ben breaks down, feeling more alone than ever; but Honey doesn't give up, talking to Ben's worried husband Callum Highway (Tony Clay) and advising him to try and get Ben to open up.

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Honey refuses to break Ben's confidence, but when Ben sees her with Callum, he's unaware of this and shouts at Honey, with Billy and Jay stepping in. Lexi orders Ben to apologise to Honey, and the pair go for a coffee where Honey begs Ben to let Callum in. Just as it seems Ben might do so, a difficult conversation with dad Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) provokes Ben into purging again.

2. Ben finally seeks help with the support of his loved ones

Tony Clay as Callum Highway and Max Bowden as Ben Mitchell in EastEnders
Tony Clay as Callum Highway and Max Bowden as Ben Mitchell in EastEnders BBC

Callum arrives home early and catches Ben, but things go horribly wrong when Callum tries to talk to him. In the aftermath, Kat is shocked to find Ben in a terrible state as he punches a bag at Boxing Den.

When she discovers why he's so upset, Kat offers her own perspective as a fallow survivor of rape. Kat warns Ben that he'll destroy himself and everyone he loves if he doesn't seek help, so he reluctantly agrees to try a support group with Kat accompanying him.

Later, Ben returns home, where Callum is waiting for him. Callum pleads with his husband to let him in and share what he's going through. Will he? The following day, Ben and Kat attend an assessment, and he finally starts talking about his mental trauma. Is this the first positive step Ben has been able to take for years?

3. Yolande Trueman returns - can Patrick win her back?

Rudolph Walker as Patrick Trueman and Angela Wynter as Yolande Trueman in EastEnders
Rudolph Walker as Patrick Trueman and Angela Wynter as Yolande Trueman in EastEnders BBC

Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) recruits Patrick to give love advice on her Kimfluencer live stream, and he reluctantly agrees, But they are interrupted by a surprise visitor - Yolande! Her boyfriend Anton has thrown her out, and she wants to stay with Patrick, but Patrick is nervous that it's not a good idea. Yolande feels deflated and leaves in a huff, while Kim demands to know why Patrick isn't fighting for Yolande.

Denise Fox (Diane Parish) tries to convince Yolande to stay, and after a heart-to-heart with her, Denise begs Patrick to take his chance and tell Yolande how much he cares before she leaves. Patrick is faced with a big decision - put his heart on the line, or let his true love go back to Birmingham, and a man she doesn't love.

Yolande and Patrick later head to the laundrette for a chat, where they consider whether they are each other's future or simply ghosts from the past. Will the former flames be reunited?

4. Whitney Dean and Zack Hudson's relationship crossroads

A contemplative Whitney and Zack visit Peach's tree in EastEnders
A contemplative Whitney and Zack visit Peach's tree in EastEnders BBC

On Peach's due date, Zack gets good news - his viral load is now undetectable, after months spent taking his HIV medication. he and Whitney spend time at their daughter's tree, where Zack suggests they try for another baby. But Whit breaks Zack's heart when she later tells him that she can never put her body through that again, and she doesn't want another baby.

The pair are forced to have a difficult conversation about children and their future together, and things clearly don't go well as Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) offers the devastated Whitney some advice. She urges her friend to keep talking to Zack so they don't lose each other, but it's clear he thinks they are too far apart on the issue.

Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) finds a tearful Whit, and confronts Zack herself. Is this the end of the road for the pair? Well, star McGarty has just announced that she will be leaving her role, so whatever happens next, we know that Whit and Zack won't be going the distance.

5. Sonia Fowler and Reiss Colwell also clash over having children

Jonny Freeman as Reiss Colwell and Natalie Cassidy as Sonia Fowler in EastEnders.
Reiss upsets Sonia. BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

With Sonia still worried that she may be pregnant, she's uneasy to find that Reiss is being off with her. But what Sonia doesn't know is that he thinks she's cheated! She's still reeling over Reiss's comments about not wanting to be a father, and Whitney supports Sonia as she takes a pregnancy test. Whit catches Reiss trying to hack into Son's phone, and a furious confrontation ensues.

Sonia is heartbroken as she comes to the conclusion that Reiss does want kids, just not with her. Reiss turns on the charm to try and win Sonia over, but nothing works until he's completely honest with her. The couple soon have a heart-to-heart, but what will they decide?

6. Kat Slater has wise words for nephew Freddie

Bobby Brazier as Freddie Slater in EastEnders.
Bobby Brazier as Freddie Slater in EastEnders BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Freddie recently met his biological father, Graham Foster (played by returning actor Alex McSweeney), and we were promised that the teen would discover the truth - that his mum Little Mo (Kacey Ainsworth) was raped by Graham, which led to Freddie's conception.

Whatever has transpired on-screen, next week sees Freddie head off to visit his beloved mum, but Aunt Kat is frantic to hear this.

Before Freddie leaves, Kat tells him to remember how hard Little Mo has fought to protect him. Will Freddie take her words on board before he speaks to his mum? And will their bond be strengthened?

If you have been affected by the storylines mentioned ab0ve, you can find help and support in connection by visiting We Are Survivors or calling the charity's 24/7 support line on 0808 500 2222, or by visiting Rape Crisis.

For help and support around eating disorders, visit Beat or call the charity's helpline on 0808 801 0677. For advice and support around HIV, visit the Terrence Higgins Trust charity website.

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