EastEnders first look pictures: Sharon attacks Phil as Denny is laid to rest

Emotions explode when there's a surprise guest at the wake

eastenders Sharon Mitchell phil mitchell

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) returns to Walford on Monday 30th March as the locals mourn his adopted son Dennis Rickman, and soon finds himself clashing with Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) as she blames her husband for the death of her son.


The grieving EastEnders mum holds her estranged other half responsible for the tragic teen’s demise on the doomed party boat in February, as it was his bust-up with baby daddy Keanu Taylor that caused the sinking in which young Denny drowned.

However, Shaz still has no idea best friend Ian Beale had locked tearaway Dennis in a cabin below deck as punishment for harassing his son Bobby. Despite his rescue attempt when the boat ran aground, it was too late for the lad as water flooded the cabin and he didn’t make it out alive.

eastenders Phil Mitchell Sharon Mitchell ian beale

So until she learns that bit of info (Dotty Cotton has already threatened to expose Ian’s guilty secret), Mrs Mitchell is blaming Phil and there is an almighty showdown when he makes an unexpected appearance in the Queen Vic during the wake.

Struggling to keep it together shaken Sharon lashes out at Phil, and Ian has to intervene to diffuse the situation. On Tuesday 31st March, the confrontation moves to the Beale house where events take an even more violent turn.

eastenders Phil Mitchell Sharon Mitchell Kathy Beale ian beale

Ian calls the cops while the warring husband wife tear into each other, and by the end of Tuesday’s episode the police are on the Square and Phil has made a huge decision. Can Sharon ever forgive Phil, and will she discover what Ian’s hiding about that fateful evening?

This week, EastEnders is on Monday 30th March at 8pm and Tuesday 31st March at 7.30pm.


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