Linda tells Sharon the truth about Keanu – first look at EastEnders bombshell

L gets sloshed and lets it slip…

eastenders sharon mitchell linda carter

The true fate of Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) in EastEnders is going from closely-guarded secret to the talk of the Square, with more and more characters discovering he didn’t die on Christmas Day but is alive and well. On Monday 20th January, Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) is shocked to learn he’s on the run, but what will she do with the info?


Loose-lipped Queen Vic landlady Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) lets it slip while on the lash, despite promising husband Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) she’s knocked the excessive drinking on the head.

Clashing with Mick over forgetting his birthday, Mrs C gives into her alcohol cravings and slips out of his impromptu party looking for more booze, running into Sharon en route to the Prince Albert.

Burying the hatchet over their huge row on Christmas Day, the friends call a truce. Sharon shares her fears that Phil arranged to bump off Keanu, surmising this is why no one has seen him since the revelation he’s her baby daddy exploded.

Oblivious that Linda colluded with would-be hitman Martin Fowler to fake Keanu’s murder and let him go on the run, Sharon’s lips are even more of a quiver when drunken L confesses that Keanu is still alive…

eastenders sharon mitchell linda carter

The following day, Linda denies everything to shocked Shaz and makes out it was the vino talking, but Phil’s cheating wife won’t leave it alone and her publican pal eventually admits it’s all true. Sharon now has the upper hand, as Phil and the rest of family believe Martin killed Keanu on their instruction – so what will her next move be on the clan that cast her out with such cruelty for her betrayal? And what could the repercussions be for Linda shooting her mouth off, having promised Martin she’d keep shtum?

Linda’s revelation kicks off a huge week for the ever-evolving storyline, and the mighty Mitchells will be thrown into a panic as the events of the festive season come back to haunt them. But is everything as it seems? Pay attention, as there are more twists and turns ahead…


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