Will Gray and Chantelle both have affairs in EastEnders?

The couple could cheat on each other with Whitney and Kheerat

eastenders gray atkins chantelle atkins

EastEnders has dropped major hints that troubled couple Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) and Chantelle Atkins (Jessica Plummer) will cheat on each other as their marriage continues to crumble in the wake of lawyer Gray’s physical and psychological abuse of his wife.


Trapped with Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Deol) in his call centre after a power cut locked them in together, in Monday 4th May’s episode Chantelle began to open up to her new boss as some fun flirting led to serious soul-searching revelations on both sides.

Just as the power came back on and killed the moment, Chan was seconds away from finally confiding in Kheerat about her husband’s regular beatings, which she has so far kept to herself and suffered in silence.

Fleeing back to Gray, who had been frantically trying to call her for hours, mortified Chantelle seemed keen to forget the whole thing, leaving Kheerat curious as to what she was about to reveal as she started to divulge details on her seemingly picture-perfect marriage. Could the eldest Panesar sibling prove to be her saviour from the sinister solicitor?

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Meanwhile, Gray was preoccupied with client Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) as he rescued her from being held hostage by Michaela Turnbull, grieving mum of crazed stalker Leo King who Whit stabbed to death in self-defence.

Michaela admitted she suspected Leo’s dad Tony King, who went on to be Whitney’s childhood abuser, was a paedophile and berated herself for not telling anyone and potentially preventing his future crimes.

Gray showed up at Michaela’s flat, following a phone call from Ms Dean begging for help, but once the pair were back home on the Square, a charged moment where Whit thanked Mr Atkins and he admitted how worried he’d been for her safety hinted their relationship could blossom into more than just business.

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Whitney’s crush on handsome Gray has been simmering for a little while, but now it’s implied the feeling might be mutual.

Consumed with guilt at his treatment of Chantelle, what would the temptation of infidelity do to volatile Gray’s state of mind? And having endured an ordeal with Leo, who made her fall for him only to try and kill her, is Whitney set to fall for another violent man and put herself in danger?

If Chantelle turns to Kheerat for comfort and support and one thing leads to another, controlling Gray will surely be on the warpath. Unless he cheats with Whitney first and Chan finds out, giving her the strength to leave her abusive spouse?

Keep your eye on this love square in the making, as it’s bound to develop and has the potential for huge drama – and danger – whichever way it unfolds…


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