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Dotty and Lola both fancy Peter, but who would win in a fight? EastEnders' Milly Zero speaks out

The actress has given it some thought…

eastenders lola pearce dotty cotton
Published: Thursday, 30th April 2020 at 6:00 am

He's only been back in Walford for five minutes after five years away, but EastEnders' Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson) is proving irresistible to the local ladies and there's a definite love triangle in the offing.


The brooding Mr Beale has caught the eye of bad girl Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero) and they almost locked lips at her recent club night, interrupted by Peter's brother Bobby Beale collapsing from a suspected drug overdose.

Dotty's not the only girl in Ian's eldest son's sights, as he's already had a secret one-night stand with ex Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) despite her being shacked up with Jay Brown.

When spoke to Zero, we quizzed her about Lo being a potential obstacle to the burgeoning romance between her alter ego and the new-look Peter.

"Peter is a bit of a ladies' man isn't he? He knows how to play the girls. As far as I know Lola is happy with Jay, but Dotty doesn't know she recently slept with Peter… Something might happen with that in the future, me and Danielle always make jokes about it."

eastenders dotty cotton Peter beale

Both women are from the stock of two tough Albert Square families, the mouthy Mitchells and the conniving Cottons, so who would Zero have her money on in a scrap between the girls if their rivalry descended into violence?

"Lola taking on Dotty - that would be very interesting! Lola would get right in there and pull your hair, but Dotty would come up with the best insults that would make you cry and run off home!"

As for Peter himself, Hudson reckons the new unapologetic attitude he's come back with means he's got no regrets about sleeping with someone else's girlfriend, or any qualms about toying with two girls' affections.

eastenders peter beale Lola pearce

"There is history with Lola," says the newcomer, who recently replaced Ben Hardy in the role. "Peter undoubtedly still finds her attractive. I can't see him settling down with her or anything, but if one thing leads to another again I reckon Peter is too old now and too much has happened for him to really care what other people think…"

If you ask us, moody Peter couldn't handle either of EastEnders' feistiest characters. They'd both eat him for breakfast!


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