EastEnders: Cindy to be killer Bobby’s next victim?

The Beale bad boy is set to take his anger out on another family member this week

Just when you thought Bobby Beale’s reign of terror was over, he goes and starts battering more family members in his own living room.


Have we learned NOTHING from the events of Good Friday 2014, Bobby? Oh wait, your mum and dad still haven’t told you you killed your big sister yet, have they?

It’s a pity because perhaps it would have saved Cindy a spot of bother. We know she’s due to stop the Omen child in the making from throwing a brick through Max’s car this week but when we said Bobby wouldn’t be happy about it we didn’t realise just how unhappy he’d be.

The pair return home and have quite the argument, that leaves Bobby feeling very upset. His solution? Oh, y’know, just give her a good shove.

Because that worked SO well last time, didn’t it?

Will Cindy live to tell the tale? Or will she, like sister Lucy before her, be next to face the music box?

Find out when EastEnders airs these shocking scenes on Monday August 10th.


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