Will Ben and Callum have an affair? EastEnders stars tease future after shock coming out twist

"They have a bond which will be explored in the coming weeks…"

eastenders ben mitchell callum highway

EastEnders fans are reeling from Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) exposing Callum Highway’s (Tony Clay) sexuality secret during a charged moment of attraction between the pair, and speculation is now rife that the boys will embark on a clandestine relationship.


During the episode airing on Monday 3rd June, Callum panicked when Ben gleefully wound him up in front of girlfriend Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty), who thinks their tension is only rooted in last week’s clash over Ben selling the trainee undertaker a stolen van.

Callum later collared Ben and warned him to stay out of his way, which only gave manipulative Mr Mitchell a greater desire to antagonise the tormented fella following their near-kiss, which led the horrified Highway fleeing the Beale house wracked with guilt and confusion.


On Tuesday 4th June, Ben and Callum begin to form a friendship as Ben opens up about the death of boyfriend Paul Coker, who once lived in the flat Callum and Whitney are now renting. But by Thursday 6th June the shutters are down once more when Callum brings up Paul again and gets a dismissive response, leaving him fearing Ben could blow his gay secret to Whitney.

Speaking about the intriguing new pairing to RadioTimes.com on the red carpet at the British Soap Awards 2019, Clay confirmed: “They’ve definitely got a bond and in the weeks to come that will be explored. Then we’ll see what happens…”

Bowden teased that their relationship is currently based in “Having a common spirit and finding that common ground, which Ben hasn’t really had before.

“When Ben realised Callum was attracted to him and hiding his sexuality he was mean, but that’s not a really shock! Ben is just misunderstood and doesn’t really know how to deal with certain situations.”


Could revisiting the pain he felt at Paul’s murder in a homophobic attack bring back bad memories for Ben that means he’s in need of comfort…?


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