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Ben threatens to kill Lola's fiance Ewan in EastEnders!

Did you recognise Ewan was played by Riley Jones from ITV's Vera?

Published: Tuesday, 16th April 2019 at 7:55 pm

Ben Mitchell's (played by Max Bowden) scary side resurfaced on tonight's episode of EastEnders on BBC1, when he threatened to kill Lola Pearce's fiance, Ewan...


Ben's secret plan to strike it rich by ruining his hated dad Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) was plunged into jeopardy on Tuesday 16 April when Lola (Danielle Harold) unexpectedly announced her fiance Ewan (played by Riley Jones who also plays DC Mark Edwards in ITV's Vera) was on his way down from Newcastle because he'd become paranoid something's going on between Lola and her ex-boyfriend Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick).

Angry over Ben interfering in her attempt to rekindle her past romance with Jay, and using her and her daughter Lexi as part of his plan to get back at Phil, Lola warned Ben she might even go back to Newcastle with Ewan.

"I'm gonna tell your dad exactly what you've been up to," Lola warned Ben. "Then where will you be?"

Losing control of the situation, Ben lay in wait for Ewan and decided it would be better if the lad was permanently out of the picture...

EastEnders, Ben Mitchell
Ben threatens Lola's fiance Ewan. (Picture: BBC)
EastEnders, Ewan
Ewan was alarmed when Ben revealed details of his killer past. (Picture: BBC)

So while Lola was busy declaring her love for Jay and suggesting they give their romance another go, Ben took Ewan over to the cafe and told him the chilling story of how he killed family friend Heather Trott back in 2012 when he was just 16 years old.

"So the question is, was Ben born evil or was it all down to his neglectful dad," wondered Ben aloud. "Most of the time I am a very nice person."

After stealing Ewan's phone to stop him contacting Lola, Ben warned Ewan to go back home to Newcastle and forget all about Lola. Or else he'll kill Ewan and his foster mum...

"Any questions?" asked Ben as an alarmed Ewan ran for his life. "Off you trot, nice doing business with you!"

EastEnders, Lola Pearce
Lola received a farewell text from fiance Ewan... unaware it was really Ben who sent it. (Picture: BBC)

Of course, Lola remained unaware of the real reason behind Ewan's sudden change of heart about their engagement. And with Ben comforting her after her bust-up with Jay, it looks like he's got Lola back on side... until the next threat comes along.


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