All you need to know about Bobby Beale’s shock return to EastEnders

Lucy's killer comes home and there's BIG drama in store


Bobby Beale returned to EastEnders on Thursday 13th June as newcomer Clay Milner Russell made his debut in the role, taking over from Eliot Carrington who last appeared in 2017.


The much-anticipated comeback of Lucy Beale’s killer aired in a double bill of episodes (football coverage means there’s no Walford outing on Friday 14th June) and showed the twisted teen back at home at No.45 after serving a three year prison sentence for his crime.

A heated argument between the Beale siblings ended in murder back in 2014 when Bobby, then just 10, delivered a fatal blow to minxy Lucy’s head that finished her off. Adopted mum Jane Beale covered it up and dumped Lucy’s body on the common before admitting the truth to husband Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) and conspiring to frame Max Branning (Jake Wood) who was temporarily banged up for it.

But ignoring Bobby’s violent behaviour led to further outbursts and after he attacked Jane with a hockey stick the lad owned up and got sent down in 2016. What awaits him as he tries to settle back into life in Albert Square?


Will Max Branning try and kill Bobby Beale?

Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) is so worried about the reaction the community will have to seeing her grandson again she keeps him under house arrest, asking her son Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) to have a chat with his nephew on Monday 17th June in light of his own experiences of moving on from deadly incidents in childhood (Ben went to prison for killing Heather Trott in 2012 when he was 16).

By Thursday 20th June the constant reminders of Lucy at home prove too much for struggling Bobby and he ventures outside – only to come face-to-face with Max…


Recognising the lad despite him trying to keep a low profile, Mr Branning chases after Bobby and breaks down the door when he flees back home. A showdown ensues as the action picks up on Friday 21st June as Ben arrives at No.45 to find menacing Max bearing down over a terrified Bobby curled up in fear on the sofa.

Stopped in his tracks, Max angrily confronts Kathy for keeping quiet about Bobby’s release, sparking further concern for the boy’s state of mind from his granny.


At a loss as to how she can support her traumatised relative, Kath breaks down to Ben – has she made a mistake by allowing Bobby back home after everything that’s happened? Max will also rage at wife Rainie Branning (Tanya Franks) about the situation, but does he have a long game of vengeance in mind?

In the coming weeks Bobby’s dad Ian returns after an extended absence, as glimpsed in EastEnders’ recent summer 2019 trailer – will the father and son reunion smooth things over for the volatile teen, or push him over the edge as the bad memories of the Beales’ darkest moment in their history threaten to jeopardise their future?


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