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Why is Ali Neeson addicted to painkillers in Coronation Street?

The doctor’s murderous past is revisited

coronation street ali neeson ryan connor
Published: Friday, 13th September 2019 at 7:35 pm

Ali Neeson (James Burrows) is fighting for his life in Coronation Street after collapsing as he battles withdrawal symptoms from painkiller addiction.


Viewers have seen the junior doctor secretly struggle with his reliance on diazepam since rescuing young Hope Stape from a fire recently, and with his supply cut off following the arrest of his dealer the medic has been sent spiralling.

But the root cause of his compulsion to the drug goes back to 2018 when he was responsible for taking a life…

Who did Ali Neeson kill?

coronation street ali kills ronan

Michelle Connor’s brooding son found himself playing God in October 2018 when he let gangster Ronan Truman die.

The creepy crime boss was targeting Ali and Ryan Connor, who he blamed for the death of his bad boy son Cormac after learning that the lads had delayed calling an ambulance when he passed out in their flat following a drug overdose.

As terrified ‘Chelle and her boys escaped Weatherfield, Ronan gave chase, resulting in a car crash that impaled the toxic Truman on a metal post.

Ali went to help him, but with Ronan vowing to kill them all if he survived, overprotective Mr Neeson gripped the bad boy’s hand and forced him to pull out the post knowing it would have fatal consequences.

Who knows what Ali did?

coronation street ali neeson michelle connor

The authorities believed Ronan died from his injuries at the scene as there were no witnesses but after the accident, agitated Ali eventually confided the truth to Michelle, and later to Robert who then told Ryan. The trio agreed to keep his sinister secret.

What happened to Ali?

coronation street ali neeson ryan connor

Riddled with guilt in the immediate aftermath, he started stealing drugs from the medical centre and picking fights to punish himself for his actions.

Ali’s addiction then seemed to be brought under control (and faded into the background somewhat) until the Underworld incident a few weeks back that triggered the psychological trauma of Cormac’s collapse, the car crash and his killer decision.

Where does Ali go from here?

coronation street ali neeson maria connor

Admitting his addiction to Ryan, the doc commits to going cold turkey with the help of Mr Connor and stepdad Robert. He also finds a friend in trained counsellor Toyah Battersby who offers a sympathetic ear as he goes through withdrawal. Can he get clean, or has he already jeopardised his career as well as his new romance with Maria Connor?


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