Killer Ali lashes out at Ryan in Coronation Street showdown

Will he incriminate himself as he struggles to keep his deadly secret?

Corre ali and ryan fight

Coronation Street’s Ali Neeson (James Burrows) spirals out of control next week as he continues to be tormented by his killer secret and attacks Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) after indulging in a cocktail of booze and prescription drugs to bury his guilt.


Secretly murdering crime boss Ronan Truman (Alan McKenna) at the scene of the recent devastating car crash in order to protect his family from the gangster’s vicious vendetta, but making it look like he died from his injuries, trainee doctor Ali is struggling with his split-second shock decision to take another life.

Mum Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) and her partner Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) are aware of the medic’s murderous shame and have vowed to stand by him and keep it from the police, but the consequences of Ali’s actions are starting to take their toll.

On Monday 19 November, suspended GP Ali cons medical centre practice manager Moira Pollock (Louiza Patikas) to let him into the surgery pretending he needs to collect something, but it’s only so he can steal some anti-depressants to take the edge off his dark moods. Heading back to current place of work the bistro he hits the bottle and flirts with Ryan’s girlfriend Bethany, prompting his flatmate to see red and a fight to break out between the boys.

Ali gets into a fight with Ryan

Who else finds out Ali murdered Ronan?

Michelle and Robert arrive on the scene to find the fellas on the verge of a full-on bar brawl and have to break it up, and as Ali storms out Ryan’s suspicions about his friend’s strange behaviour are further piqued by a cryptic statement from his mum’s concerned partner – has he let the cat out of the bag about Ronan’s demise?

Later, Michelle returns to the flat and tries to calm Ali down, but he takes off once again and has another volatile outburst out on the street when he picks a fight with some bikers outside the tattoo parlour, getting himself savagely beaten as a result.

Michelle and Robert break up the fight

Ryan finds Ali mid-attack and scares the assailants off, and when he gets his home ‘Chelle is distraught to see her son’s injuries. It’s clear Ali is in meltdown, but as he seeks solace in substance abuse could he end up incriminating himself and accidentally revealing what he did to Ronan before the emergency services arrived at the crash site?


If Ryan discovers what he did, how will he react to Michelle covering up the crime – could this drive a further wedge between the boys and make Ryan think his mother is putting herself at risk and choosing her biological son over him, the one she raised as her own?