Soaps: the week ahead in Soapland

Tyler's big fight, a clash between Sean and Aaron and a 40th birthday...



Walford fights aren’t normally formalised by the presence of a referee, a boxing ring and silky shorts and robes, but as E20 takes on an ever-more macho hue, Tyler steps up for the fight of his life. Or at least of the fortnight.

As other Moons champion their contender — and even Mandy gets dressed down for the occasion — Michael’s anti-family plot reaches fruition, thanks to an unwilling Vanessa. Her bubbly-in-the-fridge meltdown suggests she could take on all comers from Cockneyland, but the conflict takes an unexpected turn as Eddie reveals quite the right hook.

It is, of course, Carol we feel sorry for.


Irritating though it got, Aaron’s sorrow is something we now hanker for, since rage took its place. On a clear night, you can see him glowering from Huddersfield. The Bartons, Zak and Chas fear for his welfare — and perhaps their own.

Meanwhile, Andy and Alicia’s abortive Iberian adventure continues to cause trouble; Laurel tries to walk away from temptation in the (improbable) shape of Marlon; and Jimmy and Nicola are at loggerheads. No, that’s not a Hotten wine bar.

Coronation Street

As Sean excessively celebrates his birthday — happy 40th! — much to Marcus’s chagrin, Tracy also ponders new beginnings. Hopeful she can convince Steve of her love — in the face of all the evidence to the contrary over the past five years — she tries to find her vulnerable side after a heart-to-heart with Deirdre. But will Steve buy it? And will an optimistic Becky again be the casualty?


Elsewhere, Frank’s day in court leads him to play the martyr and for Carla to look for an exit strategy. Running for the hills is not an option.