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Coronation Street boss teases Shona Platt's dramatic exit as "serious new storyline" kicks off at Christmas

"Her and David's relationship will be sorely tested for the whole of next year"

coronation street shona and david
Published: Wednesday, 4th December 2019 at 4:21 pm

There isn't much in the way of festive cheer in store for the residents of Coronation Street, what with an armed siege kicking off on Christmas Day that leaves at least one character dead. But you should keep a particular eye on the Platts who have an extremely dark time ahead, building to Julia Goulding, aka Shona Platt, being written out to accommodate her real-life maternity leave.


"This Christmas, the central family is the Platts," Corrie producer Iain MacLeod tells "The events of Christmas Day precipitate a really serious story for David and Shona.

"I realised the other day that David has never really cheated on any of his partners before, and I will hasten to add he's not going to this time, but their relationship will be sorely tested for the whole of next year."

A crazed gunman going on the rampage with a loaded rifle in a festive fairground packed with families – it sounds like one of the riskiest, boldest Christmases in cobbles history, which MacLeod admits is precisely the point.

"When we were planning the Christmas episode we were conscious that there is a certain expectation of a 'Corrie Christmas', with a certain feel, warmth and humour to it.

"There is a pressure and expectation normally to make Corrie feel fluffy at this time of year – to some extent we conformed to that in the last few years but this time we wanted to try something huge, different and cataclysmic.

coronation street Christmas 2019

"We wanted to subvert people's expectations about what they might get from a Corrie Christmas. While there is bags of warmth and family nonsense, there is also that edge-of-the-seat final reel."

The identity of the unlucky local who gets killed off remains a closely-guarded secret, but could MacLeod be hinting that Shona is in the firing line and that the actress won't be returning after having a baby off screen? So far it's been assumed Goulding's absence would be temporary, but it sounds like Shona won't just be packed off to look after a sick relative for a few months…

Is tragedy about to befall the cursed clan, just weeks after David was released from prison and finally tied the knot with his other half?


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