Coronation Street killer Gary Windass (Mikey North) may have his deadly secret exposed after Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson), the teenage daughter of gangster Rick Neelan who lies buried in the woods after the bad boy builder murdered him, comes to Weatherfield in search of her missing father.


The show had teased the upcoming arrival of a mysterious girl looking for Rick the rogue, and Friday 28th June's hour-long episode confirmed it was his daughter when she turned up at her father's office to find shifty Gary sneaking around.

Concerned Kelly told Mr Windass, who posed as one of the loan shark's customers, she had not heard from Rick in over a week – and when he forgot to collect her from school that afternoon (they spend every other weekend together) it raised her suspicions further.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed a framed picture of a young girl on Rick's desk had started to appear increasingly noticeable in recent episodes, and may have joined the dots to realise it was a relation of the slayed villain ahead of their identity being unveiled as his surprise offspring.


Gary fobbed off the inquisitive kid – for now – with a tall tale about Mr Neelan possibly having gone on holiday before sending her packing. By the end of the episode his initial reluctance at taking over Rick's business faded as he appeared to start enjoying the power of lending cash to his victim's skint and desperate clients…

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But the guilt is clearly getting to Gaz as he pushed the family photographs of Rick and Kelly down on the desk knowing he'd taken the life of a teenager's parent in cold blood.

What else has the actress Millie Gibson – who plays Kelly – been in?

Kelly's arrival signals the start of an emotional, sinister journey for Gary as he turns to the dark side now he has two deaths on his conscience – Rana Habeeb in the factory roof collapse he caused, and thuggish Rick who tried to kill the beleaguered builder for double crossing him when their money-lending arrangement went awry.

While viewers wait to see if Kelly becomes a thorn in Gary's side, they may be wondering where they've seen actress Millie Gibson before – she's best known for playing Indira in CBBC kids' football series Jamie Johnson and for being in ITV drama Butterfly (2018) about a transgender child alongside Anna Friel and Emmett J Scanlan.

Gibson also had a role in Kay Mellor's BBC drama Love, Lies and Records in 2017.


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