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Nick and David BOTH jailed in Coronation Street court drama?

Family feud puts the brothers back in the dock

Published: Friday, 5th July 2019 at 6:27 pm

Warring Coronation Street siblings David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) and Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) are up in court on Friday 5th July, after attempts by their mum Gail Rodwell (Helen Worth) to reunite her fractured family following her sons' theft from gran Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) backfire, meaning the boys could both end up in prison!


David and Nick's betrayal of their grandmother, in which they thieved thousands to invest in their barber shop business, has torn the Platts apart since it came to light, and Gail's heart is in the right place when she calls a family meeting hoping to iron out their differences.

Unfortunately, the spiky siblings are now resorting to stabbing each other in the back to save themselves from a prison sentence. Being in the same room only escalates the bad feeling and they come to blows - but that's not the only reason Nick and David being around Audrey is a bad idea, as it also means they are breaking their bail conditions until the fraud trial!

Consequently, they end up in court for the breach, with Gail in the gallery, leaving Audrey upset her daughter has sided with her sons once more.

Street stalwart Helen Worth tells us if her on-screen family can survive this latest feud, and what happens if the boys get sent down.


How has Gail felt since learning Nick and David stole from Audrey?
She is stuck in the middle of this awful mess. Gail feels terrible about what happened to her mum, and is very disappointed in her boys, but at the end of the day they are her sons…

Could this be the final straw for Gail?
You would think so wouldn’t you! But she seems to be blind when it comes to Nick and David, and she has always let them get away with so much. But she is their mother and she hates the thought of the family being broken in this way.

Does she feel guilty about assuming Lewis was responsible for taking the money?
Yes, she got the situation totally wrong and let her mum believe Lewis was seeing another woman and was up to his old tricks. This meant that Nick was able to use that doubt planted in Audrey’s mind to steal the money and blame Lewis.


Why does she try to orchestrate getting the family together?
Getting Nick and David together goes against their bail conditions but Gail doesn't really think it through - she is quite naive in that way and thinks it will be fine if it is just a family gathering, as it's Leanne's birthday, [she] tries to persuade Audrey to come along. That just causes more stress for Audrey!

A fight breaks out between David and Nick - how does Gail handle the situation?
Nick is angry when he gets home and discovers that no one has turned up for Leanne's birthday drinks, unaware that something else has happened… Gail is really upset at this stage and pleads with them to stop, her family is breaking apart in front of her eyes.

Nick plans to use his brain injury to let David take the rap, how would Gail feel if she knew that?
She is worried about what they are both doing, her boys have really got it in for each other and are only interested in self-preservation. Gail naively thinks she can sort the situation out and get them all ironing out their issues.

What happens when she finally gets everyone together?
Typical Gail comes up with what she feels is a foolproof plan and says that they all have to pass round an ornament and only the person holding it can speak. That might work with other people, but there is no way David and Nick are going to let the other speak without it all kicking off - and that is exactly what happens!


When does Gail realise she has made things worse?
David and Nick are in breach of their bail just being in the same room as Audrey, so when it all starts to kick off it doesn’t look good for anyone - especially when the police arrive.

Can the Platts ever reconcile?
Blood is thicker than water and they are a close family unit, despite their differences. But I think the coming months are going to be some of the toughest they have been through, it will fall to the women of the family to hold things together whilst David and Nick battle it out.


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